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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Beware, the sea is about to get rough.

Transformers: Revenge Tried to avoid it. Could not. Who did the color timing on this pig? Must be Trump’s favorite movie, everybody is orange-brown in no tone known to nature. People are talking to each other, stupidly, awkwardly, and acting very, very amateurishly. Then there are the “special” effects. Looks like Ray Harryhausen couldn’t make it from the grave, so they sent his idiot grandchild with an Etch-A-Sketch. Megan Fox looks like some sort of bizarre lobster creature.

That was about twelve minutes. I just escaped to The Great Muppet Caper which is much more realistic, makes sense, better acting and a plot.




Nothing, nothing, nothing else on but infomercials, so left Bad Company (which should have been called Bad Filmmaking) on, and it drifted over whilst I was examining yesterday’s baseball scores. My head turned to the right … and there it was like a warthog crapping the inside of my TV screen.


Ice Station Zebra - The dialogue in this is so good.

Edit: Has John Carpenter ever commented on Ice Station Zebra influencing The Thing? I feel like the Norwegian camp might owe its look to the destroyed station.


Coming to America: It was on all the time when I was a kid, so there’s parts of it I remember seeing repeatedly (the McDowell’s stuff mostly), but I haven’t seen it in 15+ years and I’m not sure if I ever saw the whole thing in one go.


Not bad, really. See it with The Vampire in Brooklyn as a double feature, preferably with a favorite snifter of anesthesia.


Vampire in Brooklyn has only gotten better with age, as that period of Brooklyn has only gotten more mythologized.


It couldn’t get any worse.


Rewatching Babylon5
Forgot how good it was


That it was with intrigue, an epic arc, and good characterization.

I wish that some of the Star Trek series had an arc instead of episodic adventures.


Watching The Eiger Sanction on DVR.


Al,Al, Al - you need to watch Deep Space Nine, it’s the only Trek that looked at what B5 did and then went and did it better.

As for me, watched The Hateful Eight earlier.

It’s a strange film - the bulk is it being very Tarantino, with his signatures of quirky characters having intricate conversations present. It all rolls along quite neatly then goes utterly off the rails at the finale. I loved the fate of Jody, but after that, the film just lost it.


I saw DS9 and it was OK but it could have been more epic if they went out of their format.

Don’t get me wrong. I liked the two parter of that Dominion trap, other eps of the Founders and the Jemm Hadarr.

They had a lot of material to work with: Starfleet’s role recovering Bajor, the Cardassians, Sisko as a Messiah of sorts, a transgender character, and the Dominion.

Anyway… On another note… The Jimi Hendrix movie was all right.


Oh yeah, as a dirty millenial I watch it and think “how quaint”…can’t imagine how it was in theaters at the time.


So you haven’t got to the S5 finale and the 6-episode, utterly unheard of at the time for Trek, arc that followed? Or that they finished the series with a 10-episode arc by stealth? Or managed to spin the story of the Dominion War across 2 years, with it being gradually lead up to over 3 years before?

DS9 made some really clunky moves at times but I wouldn’t see it being guilty of a lack of ambition.


Had the choice tonight of watching the cable debut of FANTASTIC BEASTS… or Brad Pitt’s ALLIED. We chose the latter; 30 minutes later, I’m not sure we made the right choice.


I deeply fear that you did. I made the other choice, and after fifteen minutes, back to GoT ep3. Bah. Not charming.


That’s sad considering the first thirty minutes of Allied are the best part. It’s all downhill from there.
What a strange and disappointing film that turned out to be.


From the start of the film I believed Marion Cotillard was a traitor; after all, she betrayed Batman!. And she drove Leo DiCaprio crazy in Inception!! She cannot be trusted!!


Is that a spoiler? If it is could you spoiler text it?

I know, discussing any mystery movie is tough. But this one is less than a year old.