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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I am with Steve on Gosling. I find him pretty bland. I like him in roles where he’s put upon and kind of loser, like Nice Guys. I have never really enjoyed him as the cool dude hero.

I guess it’s that thing that people say about Affleck too. He’s more of a guy that you’d like to see get punched than do the punching.


Like I said before, we just need a new Chris. :wink:


On the other hand, Johnson was the highest-paid actor in 2016.


He’s Sheena’s friend, right?


Yes. Brilliant guy too.


I meant Chris Rock not THE Rock


Jock Rhonson, he’s the best.


Yeah, far superior to Ron Vibbentrop.


Oh come on, you’re calling Deadpool bland? :roll_eyes:


I honestly can’t tell if you’re joking. Are you confusing Ryan Gosling with Ryan Reynolds?


No, I’m talking about Ryan Gosling from Deadpool. I’m not sure who that other guy is.

I might be joking.


Like I said, it’s hard to tell when you’re being an old man and when you’re joking. :wink:


Hahaha So I am, never even cottoned on to that I was so focussed on my revelling in my own smart arsedness.


Here’s how to actually tell them apart

Pine: Can act.
Pratt: Ahahahahahaha No.


I love funny Chris Pratt but you’re not necessarily wrong here.


ha! that’s kinda mean… but true… Pine is quite an awesme actor when he’s allowed to unleash his inner freak =P


Absurd. One is a young goose and the other is aluminum foil.


Watched about a third of Rogue One last night, watching the rest of it now.

One of the most incredible looking films I’ve ever watched. Just really aesthetically stunning in every way.

But man it’s boring as hell at times.


Oh boy… I watched the Mummy the other day… towards the begining there’s a narration and at some point the voice of Russel Crowe says something like “and for her sins, she was mummified alive”… I should’ve stopped right there… :expressionless:

What a stupid boring movie. I’m genuinly surprised both Tom Cruise and Russel Crowe even accepted to be in this pos… No wonder it tanked. Oh, and if that’s the level of movie they were planning to do with their “Dark Universe”, they might as well just scrap it all.

I kept thinking tho, that they might e trying to do something akin to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen for their shared universe… maybe it was because of the obvious character, but I dunno… kinda felt like it… which in the end wouldn’t be a bad idea, except that this movie was quite attrocious.


Is this a joke? Of all the Chrises he’s the least homely looking.