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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Starship Troopers! Irma Vep!


Well I just re-watched GOTG2… damn what a bummer… =(

The bad news is that a 2nd viewing didn’t really fix the issues I have with the movie… probably made them worse. As a fan of the characters, it REALLY sucks knowing it’s a goos movie, but not having enjoyed it all that much… Oh well, hopefully the 3rd will be better. At this point I’m not sure I want Gunn writting the script tbh…


‘LA Confidential’ is miles better, despite the LotR style extra endings. It’s one of my favourite crime films.


LA Confidential is the first DVD I bought, to watch on my new Playstation 2.

Fun fact I got from the QI podcast, the first ever DVD release was Twister.


LA Confidential was also my first DVD, and also my first mystery novel that wasn’t a John Grisham or the like.


Dark Matters s1, eps 1-5

This is a fun slice of SF from the Stargate crew. No, it doesn’t beat The Expanse but then nothing is going to really.

For what is very early days, the eps have been entertaining.


I enjoyed season one of Dark Matter, and season two, and currently enjoying season three (10 eps so far, 3 to go).

I wouldn’t say “must watch”, but it knows what it is and straddles that line of taking itself too seriously very well.

Enjoyable is a good way to describe, and a nice bit of sci-fi when The Expanse isn’t on.


yeah it’s a nice low budget summer sci-fi mini series… not amazing, but not horrible either… it knows its limitations and plays well within them.


Watching the latest Wet Hot American Summer series tonight and Chris Pine just showed up in a grunge rock costume. My wife said, “Oh, isn’t that the guy you love?”


Dammit, @Jim, help me out!


How can you love Chris Pine when he’s overshadowed by David Hyde Piece if we’re going by WHAS dudes


I love all the WHAS dudes and dudettes equally.


Socialist, :wink:


You love him but you ache that he’s not everything you wanted. He’s your movie Rondo.


I remember when Stevie Fulton, born in my home town, broke through from Celtic youths into the first team.

He had a few decent games and then Billy McNeill, who was the Celtic manager at the time, said he was the next Roberto Baggio.

He got found out and fat and ended up playing for Falkirk and Hearts.

That’s who I think of when you guys used to talk about Chris Pratt.



Over the last week I watched all of the first wave of Marvel movies - well, except for Hulk - with my son (yay for the summer holidays!). Saw completion with Avengers (which I’d already watched with him before, so this one was a repeat viewing). It was so cool to see all those movies together again, and see the team grow and come together.

It really is quite amazing that they managed to do this so well. Incredible feat by Marvel.


That is funny but you’re confusing Pine for Pratt. Here’s how you tell them apart:

Pine- Could have been the new superstar of our time but for whatever reason didn’t fully stick. Probably put too many chips on a franchise that nobody really likes (Star Trek). Still having a pretty great career and probably deserves more credit for Wonder Woman’s success than he’ll get (which is fine).

Pratt- Could have been the new superstar of our time but traded his spare tire for a six pack and made the weird decision to stop being funny unless he’s in Star-Lord’s costume.

Hemsworth- Could have been the new superstar of our time but seems content just being Thor. Also, his extremely homely looks have gotten in his way.

Evans- Could have been the new superstar of our time but meh.

Rock- Could have been the new superstar of our time but is content in his marriage.


Been binging Veep, and it is a delight of words.
Fine, inject him with the Happy Cupcake Virus” is a particularly good example.


Just not charismatic enough, in my opinion. He’s not an actor who stands out enough.

To be honest, I don’t think any of those people are proper superstar material. But then, I am still surprised that Matt Damon made it there :wink:

Ryan Gosling is now the new superstar of our time, and that’s just fine.


I find Gosling very bland, even when he’s acting up a storm he makes less impression on me than the people around him.

I’ll see ‘Blade Runner 2049’ but it’s not because he’s in it.


And he’s going straight into the skid for wacky and his own rep.