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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Mark has related similar experienced linked to New York City and Superman: The Movie and I have to admit I was the same way. When we had dinner in Hell’s Kitchen, I thought it was funny that it was so nice when it is still portrayed as a seedy, crime ridden neighborhood in Marvel comics and TV.


It’s opposite when you live in New York. You can always tell when a film wasn’t shot here and is just pretending.

They even stopped calling it Hells Kitchen for a while. It’s only gone back to that name within the last couple years.


Ya. I think it’s funny when you and @RobertB talk about this aspect.

I remember trying to find it on maps and starting to think it was just made up. I was kind of excited that it was labeled as such again.


Then it’s just a game of “LA or Canada”?


Or Cleveland. :wink:


For a Pierce Brosnan movie (I can’t remember the name), the movie was half set in New York. It was all made in Ireland.


The funny part is that Hells Kitchen hasn’t been crime ridden since probably the early-mid 90s. when Giuliani cleaned up Times Square it also cleaned up Hells Kitchen. I worked there from 2000-2004 and it was a great neighborhood at that point.


Well I hope you guy are all excited to see me and @DaveWallace discuss which shots in Kingsman 2 are Birmingham pretending to be London! :grinning:


Whereabouts was it shot?


The second unit shot the car chase on Colmore Row, this article says.

In getting pretty excited for this one, despite not being a great lover of the first. My biggest worry is understanding whatever voice they’ve let Jeff Bridges do this time.


Oh yeah… I know where that is… I shall watch out for it.


Coming soon, if above is to be believed


I watched Detroit last night, which was very gripping and intense. The movie makes a lot of smart decisions in terms of what to show and when. All of the violence is awful and treated as such, with the aftermath and resulting effects of these acts (physical and emotional) receiving more of the focus than any moment of aggression.
John Boyega was fantastic too, his character really captured my imagination (he’s actually based on a real person) and the one lingering problem that I had with him was answered by the end.
This is powerful stuff, and understandably not an easy watch. So gripped was I, that when the composer was listed in the end credits I couldn’t recall hearing any score at all. The docudrama-handheld-Greengrass-style of cinematography really helped you feel like you were there. All of the camerawork seemed to be shot from places where people could be, most of it from ground level, making you an observer. It worked well for me.

In fact my only complaint is to do with the group of guys sat behind me who were talking occasionally and then laughing at inappropriate moments. Maybe these bits would have been moments of black comedy in a Coen brothers film, but here they were pitched as horror. The laughter probably added to the unease that I felt during the screening.


Watching Roger Rabbit.

The animation is way better than I remember, most notably the intro scene with Roger and the Baby.

Incredible. Inconceivable.



I do not think it’s spelled the way the creator of that meme think it’s spelled.


Use ‘spelt’ it is fun and correct. :wink:


I did not know that.

The reason I know how to spell inconceivable is because I used to spell it wrong.


Spelled is not a recent Americanism, as many people assume (including some who have commented on this post). Both spelled and spelt are old, and examples of each are easily found in historical Google Books searches covering the 17th and 18th centuries. It is true, however, that spelt was ascendant everywhere through most of the 19th century. This ended when Americans permanently settled on spelled around 1900.

This is not what I’m watching but this thread seems the best place for it - it’s 1997 week on AV Club and they have a list of that year’s top 20 films (in their opinion). It was a very good year:

LA Confidential! Face/Off! Boogie Nights!


I can’t wrap my head around “spelt”, nor around “smelt”.