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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Well yes, one of them is on the Planet of the Apes.




Accurate description of War


Oh come, on, that was a perfect setup for an “it was earth all along” rejoinder!


I’ve got bad news for you…





You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you, damn you all to hell!


Where’s the rest of the list?


Kind of decided against listing everything I’d seen on Indian TV, but forgot to remove the formatting :slight_smile:
I’ll add that Battleship actually exceeded my incredibly low expectations. It was kind of solid, cheesy entertainment and I liked the design of the aliens.


Going back to John Wick. I mostly liked the way they handled the Russian translation. It was interesting to make it part of the picture instead of just white text at the bottom of the screen especially for the singing parts.

It was also interesting that they always translated Baba Yaga as “The Boogeyman”. I guess it relates the concept in a rather simple and straightforward manner. I thought they could have just as easily explained Baba Yaga in the same exposition.


If you fall to your knees and shout that when you visit the Statue of Liberty, security pulls you aside and asks for a little chat. True story.


You or someone you know? :wink:


You think they would have put this on a second plaque at the base


It was me. :unamused:

Edit: It was a long time ago though…


Speaking of John Wick, I saw the sequel on the plane. I’m on the side of those who thought it was diminishing returns. I think the biggest problem was that he (slight spoiler) isn’t motivated by anything much, this time. Last, time there was a dog to avenge; this time, it seems like he just doesn’t want to be killed, but at the same time it also doesn’t look like he particularly wants to live, or to do anything at all. He just looks weary and like he’d like to go off and have a good nap for the whole movie.


Pre or post-9/11?


I may have done an act like a time traveller day type thing and sunk to my knees in front of a statue and yelled NOOOOOOOOOOO


Mid August 2001. Just under the wire.


Wow. The reaction would have been much more severe just a month later.

It is interesting how so many of our touchpoints for landmarks and stuff like that are from film and TV. I always think of the line from a Goo Goo Dolls song, “And reruns all become our history.”


When I visited New York, I spent so much time pointing to the future Mrs. J and saying “Oh that’s the building from…” or “That’s where they shot the scene from…” For someone from a small town in Ireland, it is like being inside a movie. :smile: