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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Look again, Jerry. She wrote “worst” not “best”.


For some reason the novelization of that movie was in our school library when I was in primary school (I read it…even kid Simon didn’t think it was very good).


By my recollection I have only ever walked out on two films in the theater. One was the great Babel, which I regretfully left because the strobe lights in the Japanese disco scene made my wife physically ill. The other was Zorro the Gay Blade, which was nauseating for a variety of reasons.


Good call…


The Fountain. One long crazy pop video for a brilliant Clint Mansell track.

I only watched it because one of the producers at the London Screenwriters Festival pitchfest is looking for Aronofsky type stuff, and I’ve wanted to watch the film for ages.

I loved it. I probably don’t understand it. I’m probably not supposed to understand it. But it made stuff happen in my brain.

I also like that Hugh Jackman was in a film getting fast-healing ability. :wink:


I love that movie. It’s made me want to dig out the Blu-Rayand watch it again.


Watched a bit of Comrade Detective before it glitched out on me.

It’s pretty good. But it’s not much of a parody or satire.
While the trailers sell it as something of a Danger 5 or a Darkplace, it’s really just a decent procedural/cop show so far with some chuckles. Outside of the few bits where it goes “ha, communism vs. consumerism” it is what it pretends to be,

Actors dubbing over a cop show.


A good mate of mine went for that last year (or maybe the one before). He did the literal ‘elevator pitch’ with Joel Schumaker, they went into a lift and he had something like 45 seconds to sell his idea.

Schumaker liked it and gave an email address to send it to. It took him 3 months for anyone to acknowledge it had been read. Nothing since. It’s a heartbreaking business. Out of about a hundred people there he passed the first step and still got nowhere.

He’s even completed his own feature film, script and directing, before that.


It’s only on Amazon frickin’ Prime! Fair play. Brilliant experience for him though, pitching to Joel. :metal:

It’ll be my first time 《gulp》, so I’m really just going there to get a feel for it. If I can get a slot, I’ll pitch a TV screenplay that’s a four-part adaptation of a SF classic. Absolutely zero expectations (said that about the 2000AD pitchfest too :wink:).


It took him about 5 years to get there but it is a great achievement for a single father from South Wales.


Oh yeah it’s utterly horrible the dog dies.

On the other hand, you do really want Mr Wick to keep making dinner reservations due to it.


When I worked at NBC Universal, one of the producers in my department was a bit of a legend. He started as a page (essentially a paid intern) and carried a small DVD player with him everywhere. He ended up in the elevator with Jeff Zuckerberg, the president of NBCU at the time, took out the DVD player and pitched him on a show idea. When the elevator ride was over he had been promoted to producer.


You should try the graphic novel, which uses the original script (the movie production was halted and Aronofsky had to slash the budget to make it at all, which meant some story changes). If anything, it’s even more vague.
It’s my favourite Aronofsky movie by a mile.


The graphic novel is much better because the movie basically states that Noah should have killed those kids.

Oh shit wrong Aronfsky. Still right though.

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I finally watched La La Land and enjoyed it a lot. The musical elements really appealed to me and I thought the mix of the new and the old-fashioned was handled well. I don’t feel as though the movie had anything particularly profound to say but it was very pleasing to watch, and Gosling and Stone were great in it. Several sequences had me wishing I had seen it at the cinema.


I caught Baby Driver tonight finally. Great movie. Loads of fun.


I just spent some hours watching a lot of commentary and analysis videos about the Matrix sequels on Youtube… I’m still astounded that almost 20 years later soooo many people missed the whole point of the Oracle and a lot of those “minor” characters and they just call them “unnecessary filler”… A whole subplot of the movie still flyies by over people’s head… amazing :smile:

Anyways, I think I should’ve just re-watched the movies with that time… u_u


Watched HELL OR HIGH WATER last night. Amazing performances from Chris Pine, Ben Foster and especially Jeff Bridges.


Finished the newest season of Wet Hot American Summer…I think First Day of Camp was better.
Or at least much more consistent with it’s comedic peaks. This was more wacky but with less laughs.

Still a very fun watch, and it really stuck the landing haha.


Got to watch two horror movies over the weekend.

47 Meter Down - The characters are a bit thin, the sharks behavior is completely unrealistic and they overuse the same trick with the shark attacks and yet despite all that this turned out to be surprisingly effective and enjoyable. The film’s main advantage is that makes great use of the 360 degrees of possible attack underwater with a camera that is constantly rotating around and pushing in towards the characters. It really drives home how endangered they are and leaves you unsure of where the next attack will come from. The ending is a little obvious but overall this was one of the better shark movies I’ve seen in a while. I can see why they thought it might have been a hit in theaters.

Devil’s Candy - This ended up being less than the sum of it’s parts. It has some interesting ideas but they never quite come together properly. Particularly, there’s a subplot (if you can even call it that) about a seemingly demonic art dealer that ends up going no where and feels like it was probably included just to pad the film out to feature length (which it just barely scraps by as it is). That said, there are some incredibly intense sequences, especially one involving the serial killer preparing to murder a child. The film has a heavy metal soundtrack and makes good use of that score. Though I did think it was funny that, with such an emphasis on heavy metal, the “devil” spoke in German and sounded like the lead singer from the band Rammstein. Not sure if that was meant to be an in-joke or not.