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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Yeah I haven’t seen it but those comments came mainly from the listener reviews from parents, a few felt the language was stronger and more suggestive than they were expecting from Power Rangers.


Bad Moms. It’s ok, pretty much exactly what you’d expect, and no-one really stretches themselves in it (for laughs or drama), but it’s an inoffensive enough way to pass an hour and a half.

(Special mention though for Kathryn Hahn, who is great, and saves the film in several places. She deserves more high-profile roles.)


Dunkirk - What an incredible film. I loved the dense interwoven narrative that fed from multiple stories. The slight time difference allowed all of the stories to run at the pace needed in order to reach their connected conclusion. While it didn’t feel like there were main characters with few of them even being named and there wasn’t an incredible amount of dialog, it was a strong character driven film where war itself was almost a tangible persona.

We saw the film in a Cinemark XD theater which is their almost IMAX sized screen with incredibly dense surround sound. We were almost dead acoustic center in a lightly attended theater due to it being the middle of the day. So the picture and sound were quite overwhelming. In some scenes, the picture seemed to vibrate from the intense sound. Was this part of the film or just an artifact of our experience? Either way it was incredibly engaging.

The 1:45 runtime also meant there was almost no fat on this. Due to not knowing the history of this particular incident and not really caring for war films, I almost gave this a pass. I’m glad I didn’t.


Sounds like the DIMX theater here, if the beggars would turn up the sound!

Seems like a winner!


The sound was amazing. I didn’t notice the screen shaking so it may not be by design. The sound of the plane engines and gunshots were as loud and dynamic and terrifying as they should be.


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I haven’t seen this in about a decade, but it really holds up. Glenne Headly especially is wonderful and it’s a shame she and Steve Martin didn’t do a third huckster/conman film together (yes, I’m one of those weird people that liked Martin’s Bilko).

One thing that completely went over my head the first time I watched it is that all the songs on the soundtrack (apart from the contemporary stuff at the disco) are taken from Ginger Rogers films. Weird little easter egg.


Actually kind of worth waiting on the dreary long load.


I really like bits of that film, but it promises more than it delivers.

Still, the bits that work are classics.


Interesting poll on IMDb - what do y’all think?


Alien Covenant

Well, that was pretty shit. I actually enjoyed Prometheus quite a bit despite its big bunch of problems, but A:C is not good at all… Well, in technical terms it is, bu then again that’s what you get in a RS movie, excellent craftsmanship… so yeah, it’s well directed, well shot, etc…

But in terms of story and characters it’s just crap… barely a mediocre remake that combines both Alien and Prometheus, but not in a good way. All the characters except David are forgettable and charsima-free, and every single character including David act like bad horror b-movie idiots. Oh and don’t get me started on that Jim Carrey looking Ripley wanna-be… was that supposed to be the main character? =/

And in the end it’s just a wasted opportunity to explore the somewhat cool additions to the lore introduced in Prometheus… instead of making a movie exploring the Engineers, the movie just reduces them to completely out-of-character and honestly just plain underwhelming cannon fodder and instead chooses to focus on an AI plot which was neither original or unpredictable.

Wow, I’m actually baffled by this, this might be SR’s worst movie yet… =/


I dunno.

I saw it when it originally came out without knowing anything about it. I didn’t see the twist coming. In retrospect, it was like a last gasp of Steve Martin being a Wild and Crazy guy. I love how the crazier Steve Martin gets, the stiller and quieter Michael Caine gets.

It always makes me laugh.


It works well knowing the twist too, I found. . You can see Caine’s character falling for all the same patter he usually gives, but, thanks in large part to Headly’s performance, it’s subtle enough to not feel overtly like he’s being conned, but seeing the error of his ways.


Okay, now I’m worried.


Did anyone else who watched American Gods find the sound mixing a bit screwy? There’s a few times dialogue has been really quiet/muddy and gets lost in the mix with background music. Wondering if it’s an is due with the show or our TV (though we’ve never had issues like this before).


Death Sentence, the spiritual remake of Death Wish that is a loose adaptation of the sequel to the original novel.
It’s so good.


I went to see The Hippopotamus at the cinema where I’ve worked this summer.

As you may or may not know, it’s based on the book of the same title, written by none other than Stephen Fry. And boy, does his voice and special kind of reasoning shine through even in the film.

The dialogue was great, and the narration was very funny and not at all superfluous.

Not that I think anyone would think the narration superfluous in this quite short but nonetheless entertaining movie. Withouth the narration, it would’ve hardly been a movie.

I could criticize the movie on this merit, that the narration is all-present and that the story is being told to us rather than shown, but I won’t let that get in the way of this rather pleasant experience. I came out of the cinema having had good amount of laughs, and thoroughly having enjoyed the acting and the resolution to the story.

I do recommend it.


John Wick - Finally had a chance to see this after so many people raved about it. It was quite good. It reminded me a bit of the The Accountant with the relentless action scenes separate by short codas of exposition. I can’t say I was a fan of the doggy snuff at the beginning but all-in-all it was a pretty good film and a fun watch.


With The Accountant though, it’s something like fifty minutes before the first action scene, which was something that I only noticed on a rewatch.


Worst film ever. :angry: :sob:


No, Zorro the Gay Blade still holds that title. :slight_smile: