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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I mean in terms of the solution. They dropped the pearls in the water and it creates, what, a hologram of their world? They said it would make a new planet. Then they just fly off and somehow leave Owens tied up with vines but have to eject the two agents into space for some reason. Again, it felt like there was more but it got edited out. Everything else was obvious. Including the villain from the moment he was introduced. When they finally made the reveal I turned to my wife and said, ‘were we not supported to know that already?’


That surprises me, I think Deehan was great in Chronicle.


He very much cast against type though. He’s supposed to be a Han Solo kind of character, which makes it odd that later he claims to be a soldier who only knows how to follow orders and weirdly seems to be doing a Keanu Reeves impression at times, which he can’t pull off at all.


He’s definitely not leading man material. I think he’s a pretty goofy guy, as in A Cure For Wellness, and works slightly in this, but he’s not given much to really play with.

Ah, it’s actually a bioshphere they created. They didn’t say it would create a new planet just recreate their world. And remember the beginning where they say that the pearls are pretty much what powered their planet/ecosystem.

Also RE: Valerian - he’s not so much Han Solo. He’s more of a petty, vain, egotistical dandy.


That doesn’t make any sense though, since it creates infinite sky and world all around them that expands beyond the confines of the space they’re in. Otherwise it would have ended where the opening to the next room was.

Han Solo was petty, vain and egotistical too, he just wasn’t a dandy.


It makes sense in the barest of ways, much like I stated in my review.
The replenish their planet, so it’s used to recreate it. We’re not given any details at to what exactly they created though. It’s just that they invented something. Given the waves that crash at Valerian and Laureline’s feet…I’m calling it a mix of Biosphere and Tardis

Which is where I draw the difference. Valerian seems to be more of a playboy than a rogue.
He is never really rogueish.


No, he’s french.


He’s Gambit?


So you’re saying that he’s a dandy guy, in space?


If he was given more character in the script, maybe. :wink:
But everyone is kept very simple.


I got the distinct impression that they wanted/thought/intended for him to be roguish however. Maybe that’s my bias though. Either way it is distinctly incongruous with his description of being a soldier that only follows the rules. Especially after he assassinates a king/chief.


To be fair, he was never ordered not to do that.
People call out that line, but it made sense to me since he’s never really bucking the rules. He might not be stringent of them…but everything he did was to protect the macguffin.


Except that his orders were specifically to protect/retrieve Owens, not the maguffin. He’s never once really depicted as being stringent about following order/rules so it was odd for to suddenly claim that as the core of who he is. It probably didn’t help that he never once comes off as a soldier, even when in uniform.


Nope, the initial orders were to retrieve and deliver the Macguffin to the Federation (?). He was only ordered to protect Owens by proxy as he had taken control of it. And given that Owens ended up committing dozens of acts of treason I figure Valerian considered those rescinded.

I mean, yeah, he’s not stringent, but he also doesn’t disobey them at the core. It makes sense he’d want to deliver it.


I watched the movie last night. He’s specifically ordered to guard Owens once the macguffin is delivered. Owen objects because he has the robot guards but the government overrules him and tells him that Valerian and his partner are now his personal guards. Owens wants to carry the macguffin too but they refuse to let him have it. He doesn’t try to protect/show any interest in the macguffin at all after that point, he only retrieves it later because it happens to be connected to his partner.


You got me there.
Still, there’s a difference between not caring about it and letting space nomads leave off to god knows where with it.

Especially since they note that it can save the space economy.


Yeah, the issue I had was he’s been shown indisputable proof that it belongs to them. Part of the problem too, as I mentioned before is that space economy is basically abandoned after being mentioned at the beginning so it never really carries that much weight.


It belonged to them. They got it from a black market dealer on an OP.
I say it belongs to the government.

And yeah there are plot threads like that left hanging that only make sense when you hear how Besson wrote/planned out 2 sequels to make this a trilogy. Like how the Minister is totally in on it and probably the whole government


Were we not supposed to know the Minister was involved? The fact that the file was locked for clearance above a 4-star general I thought made that clear.


Well, I think it was obvious, but then again they did the whole three recaps/surprise flashbacks reveal thing at the end so I think it’s meant to be a subtle clue to a future plot.