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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I assume she’s popular but not good :smiley:


Entourage was good fun while it was on -and I’ve re-watched it in entirety and a la cart over the years, but it started to feel incredibly dated and lose it’s luster as I got older. There are still some absolute classic moments that will always be great ( Johnny Drama in the Valley, the Aquaman storyline, Ari building his empire) but some of the jokes don’t land like they used to.

This made me think that Silicon Valley was frequently compared to Entourage when it first came out, but one thing that SV has done (to it’s fault) is to keep the squad constantly failing at whatever venture they are working on. At least with Entourage VInce went from indie darling (Queens Blvd) to action hero to a tentpole franchise (Aquaman) to Oscar bait (Gatsby, Smoke Jumpers, Ferrari) etc…His career had a natural progression for someone who would be considered an “IT” guy. Silicon Valley keeps hitting the ‘reset’ button and keeping the guys at square one, which is frustrating for me.

Another oft forgotten HBO show that got compared to Entourage was How To Make It In America, about 2 New York dudes trying to start a fashion line. Only 2 seasons, but I thought it was watchable. Plus, it has Luis Guzman…


My favorite Ari moment will always be him happy dancing to “For Once In My Life”.
And a yeah a lot of the jokes didn’t.


Best Ari Gold moments list has to include paintballing his competitor’s office or any chat he had with the marriage counselor.


Him rebuilding his marriage is the best character arc on the show.


Probably a testament to PIven’s acting ability, but he could be absolutely HEARTBREAKING when he wanted to/needed to.



I dunno, Ari’s arc and the actual solid love interests are what I will defend when people say Entourage was solely about “dudebro culture”. It had emotions, it was probably 1/3rd about emotions.


Not to derail this thread with Entourage memories, but I loved Piven’s delivery when Vinnie asks him point blank if he has what it takes to make it in Hollywood/Win awards/etc…He says something to the effect of “I think you could be. I think it remains to be seen.” I just remember thinking that a lesser show would have the character just say “oh yeah, kid you are going to be phenomenal!” but the more honest, subdued delivery really opened up Golds character to the viewer.

Of course, I’ve had some drinks so I’m feeling nostalgic at the moment, and when I re-watch the episodes in the future I’ll probably think “what the hell did I say that for?”


Yeah same here.
Really though…Piven did all you said. Movie needed more of that from him.


At least they ditched the “direct to camera” bits from Carrie early on.

I think over the years I’ve seen most of the series in bits and bobs - for the most part I enjoyed it, and think the series ends really well all considered (making the movies redundant and counterproductive).

As for who am I? Probably 40% Charlotte, 40% Miranda, 20% Samantha.


Rick and Morty season 3.



‘Entourage’ had a lot of great moments but it struggled to plot out a season.

I revisited the movie recently, and it had the same problem, it’s just not a great story. Which can be ok, if you’re not trying to tell a story, if you just want to hang a serious of moments together, but when you want dramatic tension and even suspense then plot matters.

They needed a showrunner who could do that, as well as one who could get the emotional connections right.


Aye, and by the time they tried to add some more depthy elements the structure of the show would not allow it and it veered insanely into the skid. It needed that from the start.


The show was never intended to be the dark side of Hollywood. It was fun and silly and sexy and sweary but not dark or tragic. Doug Ellin (one of the creators) was pretty adamant that they weren’t going to give Vince a drug problem or anything like that…

Oh well.

But I wouldn’t mind that so much, I just would prefer the show to have been a bit better organised.


It really is a bunch of moments and arcs connecting together but outside of Vince’s career trajectories, there’s no real cohesion.

Ah well, in Sex and the City news, just got to the episode where they talk about …“being cut” and its…rough stuff.


She’s not as good as Kara Danvers.


Another great episode.

As batshit crazy and silly the series is, it is also one of the most honest and realistic family dramas on TV.

I love this show.


I’m laid up with a bad back and I’ve ended up watching about 14 episodes of Bates Motel over the past 3 days.

I’m on S3 E6 now and It’s taken my mind off the pain.

Something very addictive about the show, but more than that, I love the characters (the cast are brilliant) so much that it’s caring what happens to them that has propelled me on. I don’t normally get as hooked to these types of show. It’s got a good blend of drama, mystery, teen angst and psychological thriller.

Great job. I recommend it highly.


I saw Valerian last night and it’s not very good. The main thing it has going for it is the visuals and world building. It looks just great and the world is as fun and inventive as you’d expect. But ultimately, it’s a M&M with out a center, just a pretty brittle shell. This film really proves the importance of casting, as the leads are just black holes of charisma and chemistry. They are all terribly miscast and for the most part just impart their lines with little in the way of acting.

The story doesn’t fair much better and seems to have little interest in the main plot, getting sidetracked by tangents that add nothing much and leaving it to supporting characters to do most of the detective work.

The film also feels distinctly choppy and it’s clear that it was poorly cut down from a much longer run time. Elements pop up with no explanation as though they had been introduced earlier. A piece of information is imparted early on, never mentioned again and then suddenly plays a significant role in the villain’s motivation/rationalization. The finale is a jumbled mess that left me completely confused as to what happened.


Really? Because I thought that it was straight forward enough in a sense that didn’t necessitate the three flashbacks/recaps they did in the last 10 minutes. Honestly felt they were treating the audience like we were goldfish at that point.