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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I’m watching Always, which I’ve seen people cite as Spielberg’s worst movie.

I spent the first 50 minutes wondering why people disliked it so much. Then I got to the second hour. Oof. Not awful, but painfully corny.


On the second season of Lost.
I had almost forgotten how brilliant Desmond was.


I have to ask, despite having no interest in the Cars series, is it about Lightning McQueen turning to performance enhancing drugs (car drugs) to stay competitive? That’s the vibe I keep getting from the adverts.


Nope, it’s Rocky IV but with Cars.


I’m now watching Spielberg’s 1941. I miss Always.


People do seem to like Badlands. Am I right in assuming it’s a lot more “normal” than his more recent output?

It Comes At Night is pretty good. A strong, compact, minimalistic horror/thriller. Joel Edgerton puts in a great performance but the small cast are all good. Overall I’m pretty bored with post-apocalyptic stories but this was so concise and well done that I can’t help but really like it.


It was worth the time. I think Burton kinda reached into the darker elements quite well with the necro-puppetry and particularly scary children. The time travel element (?) was confusing and kind of out of the blue even compared to the rest of the movie. I still don’t see exactly how it worked, but I kinda get it now.


Yeah, it’s a straightforward story. There’s still a lot of montages and nature imagery but the narrative is clear and substantial.


I’m watching Spielberg’s The Color Purple. It’s very long, even for a Spielberg movie.

I think this could be one of the movies where a remake (or re-adaptation I guess) is actually not a bad idea.


More Spielberg: The Sugarland Express is pretty good, but it’s too long, and the story has been re-used a lot in different forms in the decades since.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is a bad movie. Worse than Crystal Skull.


No time for inaccuracies , Dr. Jones!


I watched Passengers last night. Not as terrible as I had been led to believe, but not great either. Pratt and Lawrence have ok chemistry, but the entire setup asks questions that the film struggles to answer in a satisfying way. Plus, things take quite a left-turn in the final act and it becomes quite a different sort of movie. When Laurence Fishburne turns up, I found all of his scenes really unintentionally amusing for some reason. It’s not a terrible performance, it just feels like that section throws the film off-balance and it never quite recovers.

Some lovely design work in it though - the ship is beautiful, inside and out. There are some visual homages to 2001 and The Shining, and the overall design also reminded me a lot of Bryan Hitch’s work, particularly the craft from Heaven’s Ladder.


Yep. Quite so.


What was even weirder was Andy Garcia. I looked up what the deal was with that, and the answer actually isn’t much better. Apparently multiple endings were filmed, and one spent a few minutes with him looking at everything Pratt and Lawrence had done, but still silent. Not sure that makes any more sense than what we ultimately got, anyway.


Absolutely. That got an even bigger bemused laugh from me. It’s not exactly Sean Connery turning up at the end of Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves, is it?


Utterly bizarre. I’d love to know why he even agreed to do it, honestly. And with such astounding facial hair!


Had the misfortune of catching a 1995 Daniel Stern outing called Bushwhacked a couple nights ago. Just maybe the last twenty minutes. Folks, here is a lightweight badly-written comedy that ended up being staked through the heart by about the worst soundtrack I’ve ever heard. Lots of changing emotions during the action, but did the music change? Oh, no! Just maniac-happy ever-climbing crescendos that indicate something good and resolving is happening, which has nothing at all to do with what is going on in the film. It was bad. It was really, really bad.


Is that the one where he’s a fugitive who pretends to be the scoutmaster for some Boy Scouts?

Yeah it’s inane fluff.

But I liked it as a kid.


And they didn’t even use the soundtrack that U2 and Pavarotti recorded 22 years in advance. Bastards!


Exactly. It’s been a while since a really inappropriate soundtrack got to me. The plot was standard, a vehicle for Stern to cash in on his Home Alone character. Pity it sucked.