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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Ah, I’ll have to find it then… I don’t think it’s included with the episodes I… uhm… “acquired” :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly, that was part of my thinking. I would have loved to have seen the father stealing from his company or something. As I said, it never went in on the satire enough. It toyed with it around the edges but was unwilling to commit to it. Which is unfortunate, because really it’s a concept that only works if you don’t think about it, even just a little bit.


Twin Peaks: File Share With Me


I just finished the second season of Rick and Morty. So, so good! Incredible finale!

And now, I have to wait until season 3 is on Netflix. Sigh.


Try this guide, it gives various options on what to watch and skip:



It was my thing 25 and again 15 years ago, it still has lots of merits now, but I think you are the only person I know who disagrees that it has dated.


There’s a difference between aged badly and being dated.
Is it dated? Yeah.

Has it aged badly? No, because it represents that time period in soap opera television accurately still.


There’s a couple of you tube videos that you should watch that sum up the second season and the movie which you should watch - because there is a lot of really important things that happen in both, but it’s a hell of a slog in between.


Gaiman said the same thing about Harry Potter.

Gaiman: Well, yes and as I finally, pissed off, pointed out to an English reviewer who tried to start this again, I said: Look, all of the things that they actually have in common are such incredibly obvious, surface things that, had she actually been stealing, they were the things that would be first to be changed. Change hair color from brown to fair, you lose the glasses, you know: that kind of thing.

LR: Change the owl to a gecko.

NG: Yes. Or to a peregrine falcon. And I said to her that I thought we were both just stealing from T.H. White: very straightforward. But then I saw an online interview with the mad muggles lady where they were asking her about me and they said: what about Neil Gaiman? And she said: Well, he’s been gotten to.


I saw Baby Driver and while it was a fantastic movie, i was slightly disappointed. The song is a favorite of mine and I thought the movie would reflect the song’s whimsical and playful tone. Anson did a masterful performance equalling if not exceeding the more accomplished costars. My favorite bit was Darling’s reaction to his tapes.


Watched the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre last night. I’d only seen it once before very late at night when I couldn’t fall asleep so I barely remembered any of it.

It really is a perfect movie. So many striking and iconic shots, and it features what is probably the greatest chase scene in horror history.


I’ve just watched Song to Song, the new Terrence Malick movie. It’s pretty difficult to give any kind of a review for it though, I’m struggling for any conclusive thoughts.
I like the main cast members a lot (Gosling, Fassbender, Mara, Portman) and they were all nice to see here. Occasionally I even liked the brevity of the storytelling and how much it could cover in so little time, but I’m left wondering what it all means.
It’s pretty similar to Knight of Cups (although that had mystical elements with the Tarot cards and whatnot), which is the only other Malick movie I’ve seen, although it might have even less to say? It’s tricky when the films are so vague and seemingly open to interpretation. The friend I went with thinks it’s an “Emperor has no clothes” situation, but I’m not ready to dismiss it quite like that. I don’t regret watching it.


Cars 3 is not very good. I wonder if the positive reviews were partly due to the more adult nature of the story, but for my kids it was fairly boring. The second movie may be random and weird and ill-fitting with the tone of the first film, but at least it had quite a lot of exciting and funny stuff happening. This is fairly thin on both.

Cruz Ramirez is a good new character though (it feels as much like her movie as Lightning’s).


Completely agreed.
Cars 2 gets a bad rap but any thing where Cars are getting dispatched in incredibly cruel ways like actual spy films is way more interesting than Cars 3


I haven’t seen it, but Mark Kermode had the same take as your friend:


I think that I need to find some chin-stroking bearded cinema aficionados with which to discuss it then. :sweat_smile:
See if they can win me over.


I’m not a big Malick fan but I love his first film, Badlands. Really worth checking out.


Miss Peregrine’s Home… wasn’t as bad as thought. Some nice bits, some intended-to-confuse-young-adults nonsense.

Alien and Aliens still hold up.

So Cinemax was free this week.

And just saw an Inhumans commercial (with Lockjaw) during a show where people try to kill themselves by riding small bicycles in concrete pools at high speed.


The Overnight - I watched this on a recommendation from a friend and thought it was pretty good. An amusing low-key relationship comedy that goes to some slightly risqué places but ultimately has a pretty sweet heart at the centre of it all.

With essentially only four adult characters - two couples, one of which is invited over for dinner by the other for an evening which soon escalates into something more - the film gets quite a lot of mileage out of exploring the various pairings (it reminded me a bit of Carnage in that regard) and throwing up a couple of fun twists. To say much more would spoil it, but it’s worth a watch.