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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Nothing beats CB’s uber soundtrack tho… It’s like 4 or 5 CDs worth of pure bliss.


It has aged pretty badly - and a hard slog now, but it’s worth sticking with it just for the big moments and so you can watch the new series, which is blindingly good.


Nah. The first season is still a pitch perfect soap opera satire of that era.

Of course if that’s not your thing then yeah it’s not worth watching.


Cowboy Bebop became my favourite anime as soon as I saw it. I still haven’t found anything to top it.

It’s worth watching the movie if you haven’t seen it, just to spend a couple more hours with Spike and co.


Yeah, I heard about that last night, when I finished the series. It doesn’t seem to be on Netflix with the series though.


It’s not, but it’s quite cheap to pick up a physical copy these days


Yeah, I think it’s because distribution of the movie is owned by a different company than whoever distributes the series, so it’s unlikely that they’d ever pop up for streaming in the same place.


Interesting. I wonder if it suffers from your familiarity with more modern shows that took inspiration from it? At the time it came out, there was nothing like it. Now it seems that half the series are weird/quirky/artsy long-form mystery stories. So the impact of seeing something new and different isn’t there for you.


Watched The Purge last night. The third act is just one long string of Deus Ex Machinas. That said, it’s not bad. It’s a perfectly decent little thriller. It’s biggest sin is not fully committing to/exploring its central concept and going all in on the satire. Certainly its interpretation of the concept is far too restrained, focusing solely on murder, when other crimes, like arson or theft, would be just as prevalent. It definitely misses the opportunity to be more interesting than it is.


I heard a joke about how there should be a Purge movie about the vast amount of white collar crimes that would also occur. That’d be fun.


I wish I could like this post more than once.


Pretty sure that’s The Wolf of Wall Street.


Except he was under threat of federal authorities.


That was just the second act tension.


Well, as Chris said, it hasn’t aged particularly well, a lot of bad acting (some good acting too tho) the picture itself looks like shit 'cause of the screen ratio and the very old production values… however, yeah it might be a case of it not being too impressive 20 years later, and particularly now that there’s soooo many excellente tv shows.

But I dunno, I mean, some shows just age well and others don’t. I can still laugh my ass off with Married with Children for exemple, despite its quality being as bad or probably worse. I guess what I’m trying to say is that so far Twin Peaks doesn’t seem very relevant, which can be a bit of a hurdle when watching an old tv show.

But aside from that, I mean, sure there are some nice quirky bits which I’ll go ahead an attribute to Lynch, but the overall plot is rather dull, so far at least. I guess I’ll stick with it just to be able to watch the new one.


I dunno man, if you’re not feeling it then you should probably consider dropping it.
Since the second season is considered resoundingly worse in a lot of areas and the third is a huge departure in tone and all that.


Rick and Morty did the satirical version in the episode, “Look Who’s Purging Now”.


Having watched it all recently including the movie Fire Walk With Me, Season 2 is a real slog especially after the murderer of Laura Palmer is revealed. There are a couple of good bits but for the most part, you can see Lynch had left the series and his influence was absent. Lynch did come back for the finale and that was fantastic. If Season 2 had been only 10 episodes at the most, it would have been perfect.

The new series picks up more from the Fire Walk With Me and the series supernatural mythology. While I think it is brilliant, it may not be to your liking. The pacing and structure of the new series may not be to your tastes.


Right, then I’ll finish the first season, skip the 2nd season and try the new series to see if I like it… thanks! =P


You may want to watch the Season 2 finale and Fire Walk With Me a watch before sampling Season 3. FWWM is a prequel but works better watching after the S2 finale. It does spoil aspects of S2.