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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


ok, will do then, thanks!.. I think I already ermm… found it… :smile:


Also, I just watched Ghost in the Shell… Damn, that was a good movie. Pretty faithful to the manga, or at least the central themes, since I don’t remember it that well.

I can see how it didn’t do well though, it’s too brain-y and slow for what could be expected to be a big action blockbuster… It’s more Blade Runner than Transformers, obviously. Too bad it didn’t do well though, I thought it was a really good movie, even though some FX looked a bit shady, unfortunately, but it’s visually stunning and has a pretty good plot, even though at this point it’s nothing really new, which might also be something that hurt it, but understandable, it’s an adaptation of a decades old manga, one that inspired a lot of recent flicks… That’s how it should’ve been marketed btw.

Anyways, it was nice. That’s it =P


So, I just finished the Leftovers, and although I thought I was emotionally drained, I did some IMDB’ing of Justin Theroux and found out he co-wrote Tropic Thunder, Rock of Ages, and Zoolander 2, and wrote the screenplay for Iron Man 2. WTF? That’s a bigger twist than anything in the series!


He was supposed to direct Zoolander 2 too, but had to drop out when Leftovers was renewed.


I’ve been to the castles Bute built, he had a great sense of the theatrical, in the best way.


When I was a kid they used to have an often repeated little 3 minute film on HTV about the Marquess of Bute and how he built his ‘fairytale’ Castell Coch.


Just finished The Leftovers season 2 - it’s incredible the highs and lows this show can put me through. Some of the more emotional scenes play out like the best parts of Lost - slow motion, huge swelling orchestral score, phenomenal faces from the actors.


Yeah, I liked Ghost in the Shell a lot and visually it was absolutely stunning.


I watched The Girl With All The Gifts on Sky Movies and it’s a decent post-apocalyptic zombie story. There’s a bit of controversy surrounding it’s similarity to The Last of Us which I’ll go into in more detail in spoiler vision for anyone who wants to watch the movie unspoiled or play TLOU (which I recommend).

[spoiler]In both of them the cordyceps fungus has mutated and infected most of the population transforming them into zombie like creatures, both feature a girl who might hold within her a cure for the fungus. Also both involve an odyssey of sorts with the girl and others going on a jouney through the overgrown remains of civilisation trying to avoid the infected humans. It’s in the visual depiction of the world where the similarities are the closest.

The biggest difference is the main character, Ellie in TLOU is a standard obnoxious teen but Melanie in TGWATG is one of the monsters herself which the movie reminds us at regular intervals (her origin story is especially disturbing) - it’s an excellent performance by Sennia Nanua as she oscillates between sympathetic victim and deadly killer. The movie does have it’s fair share of horror cliches, most notably characters acting like morons to increase the tension.[/spoiler]

I can’t believe Mike Carey ripped off TLOU (which came out before his novel) because the similarities are so clear he’d have to be an idiot to think he’d get away with it. It’s just a case of two stories with the same basic starting point coming out at around the same time. TLOU probably does it better overall but TGWATG is a solid watch if you’re not too bored with zombie apocalypses just yet.


upon investigatigation, that story idea came from a short story published in 2012 so I don’t MR Carey had any intention of “ripping off” a video game.


I think Dave is saying exactly that, he literally doesn’t believe that’s the case, it’s just an example of two very similar stories being arrived at independently.


Gary Numan: Android in La-La Land.

Released last year, this documentary serves as a précis of Numan’s career while following his family as they move from the UK to the US and Numan records his last album Splinter (songs from a broken mind).

It mostly comprises of fly on the wall footage and straight-to-camera monologues from Numan, his wife Gemma and their kids, his parents, and Ade Fenton, Splinter’s producer and a long-time collaborator. As most of these are members of his family, the focus is on their relationships, how Gemma was a big fan - they first met when she was casing his house to try and get photos, his social anxieties and (self-diagnosed) Asperger’s.

There’s a lot of stuff about his music as well, largely Numan and his parents talking about his waning popularity in the 80s, and Numan and Gemma talking about his return as various acts such as nine inch nails talking about him as an influence in the early 2000s, his embracing of a more industrial sound, and his decision to make songs for himself rather than chasing whatever was popular.

While the film is billed as being about his move, there’s very little about it in there - they talk about signing the papers in a backstage moment, Numan is seen packing up his studio gear, and then they’re in their quite awesome LA mansion. The narrative drive is more about the recording of Splinter, with the end of the film featuring a number of reviews showing on-screen, and moments talking about the album’s incredible success.

As a big Numan fan, I really enjoyed this. It’s fantastic to see him opening up about his mental health issues, and there’s an incredibly effecting scene where Gemma talks about their troubles starting a family, and all the while backed by insights into his creative process. There’s a particular sense of connection for me, as I finally managed to see him live on the Splinter tour, and it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to.


Back in the dark days of Having A Bad Relationship the particular Other had one sterling quality, she owned an actual quadraphonic system. Few actual quad records, of course, but definitely Numan. Didn’t know anything else about him until what you wrote. Sounds like a fascinating fellow, in The Battle with so many of us.


Black mirror season 3 episode 4 San Junipero

Good story.

Fabulous clothes.


It was a mistake to rewatch LOST.
I’m falling in love with the characters all over again.


Yeah… soooo, I watched the first 4 eps of Twin Peaks (1st season) and huh… yeah, I’m not sure I’m liking it so far =/

Besides the attrocious picture ratio I had all but forgotten about, the plot is really really really slow and not that interesting sor far, if I’m being honest. But I’ve got to admit, it is nice seeing some of those uber 90’s hotties in their primes (Sherilyn Fenn :heart_eyes: )… But huh, I dunno, seeing the ultra hype of that series, I’m a bit disappointed. I do hope it gets better in the second half of the season =/


I finished Cowboy Bebop on Netflix last night, racing through the last half dozen episodes (I gained an irrational fear that it’d get taken off before I finished). I first became aware of Bebop about 15 years ago, when I caught part of episode 2 or 3 on CNX (Cartoon Network’s half-hearted attempt at an adult animation channel). Never saw any more of it, CNX folded and I don’t think it’s been broadcast again since (though Wikipedia tells me its on Viceland).

So I suppose I had high expectations for the actual series, and it easily met them. Absolutely fantastic series - the stories, the characters, the animation, the music. All seemingly effortlessly wonderful. There’s no lame filler episodes, no cringey fan-service and even the wacky comic relief sidekick character of Ed, who I was kind of dreading joining, turns out to be great. I genuinely choked up a bit when she left.

So, yeah, loved it and worth the wait (it’s gained a nice late 90s nostalgia vibe). Only trouble is I don’t think I’m going to find anything else to match it.


Space Dandy!




Trust me. And trust the power of boobies, baby!