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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


o that.


I kind of feel like i should like these posts one by one over the next few years.


I liked Dave’s posts but then my browser crashed.

Meanwhile, just watched Barry Gibb at work at Glasto - a very classy act.


I hope GoT starts soon 'cause there’s almost nothing on TV right now… thank god fro Preacher :smile:

And I guess Dark Matter, Killjoys (which got a lot better on its 2nd season) and Orphan Black… but other than that… slim pickens, it seems.


GoT starts up again on July 16.

One more week!


Meh, he was just covering songs by Steps, Take That and Boyzone.


ahh nice! thanks for the info =)


Started on The Magicians, which has been released on that monopoly prime. I remembered Tim and someone else discussing and sort-of-liking it, and decided to give it a shot - as Jonathon says, slim pickings at the moment.

It’s alright. The characters are incredibly cliché and not very convincing, but the basic concept of taking Harry Potter and throwing it into the booze-and-testosterone-filled atmosphere of university works well enough, and the other interesting thing about it, the metafiction aspect of a Narnia-like book playing a central role, is quite neat. Also, the big bad is nicely done; his first proper appearance was a bit of a highlight.

So, we will see. Something light for when I’m doing something else, tidying up and the like, but I think I’ll watch the rest of the first season.


And now I will take your post totally seriously and we will have the biggest flame war MW has ever seen!


The second season of The Magicians is better. The first season sticks a bit too closely to the books; they do their own thing more in S2.


Not a Twin Peaks fan? :slight_smile:


Ha! Too big of a fan really. I’m waiting for the right time to watch it :slight_smile:


I wish I had that kind of patience. The wait between episodes can be excruciating.


The first 25 years was hard, but now? Excruciating.


I’m actually in the position now where there’s so much out there I’d like to watch that I can’t get anywhere close to keeping up.


I read Starburst magazine and they continually praise Bates Motel.

This month they had an article then also an opinion column, both by different writers, talking about it being one of the best shows of the last decade.

Do any of you watch it?


I binged it earlier in the year. The first few seasons are pretty weak, but S4&5 are very good.

Everything with Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore is usually great, and the rest of the show is never as good. They try to pad the early seasons out with ongoing stories involving drug dealers, human trafficking, etc, but it doesn’t work. The later seasons mostly just focus on Norman.


100% agreed.
The first few Seasons are decent, but 4 and 5 kick it up a notch


Ah crap, I saw that on Netflix, but I’ve never seen the original, and it’s not on Netflix… u_u

From what I’ve heard it’s a continuation, so I should really hunt down the OG before watching that one, I guess… but thanks for the reminder =P


Yeah, it’s best to watch the original first. The new season picks up a lot of its plot threads and there are also some brilliant mysteries from the original series, including the central one of “Who Killed Laura Palmer?,” that would be ruined by watching the new season first.