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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Couple of scenes that are always in my head:

  • The ‘tortorous interference’ conversation

  • The fame vs infamy distinction

But there’s so much else to like tin this.


That’s weird. I can’t say that I thought much of the movie when I saw it. The director’s cut does sound like an improvement though.


I’ve just seen the worst bit of product placement on TV I’ve ever encountered. Brain Games is an America science show. It’s a bit brash and loud, but does some solid, accessible science topics with games. And in this episode, how wonderful the new Accura something or other car is, as the host drives it through a desert. Now, it’s a science show, it can justifiably talk about the wonders of a new car in context of its topic, right? Well, no. It’s an episode about pattern recognition and processing. What’s the car got to do with that? Apparently because sound is just vibrations in the air, which will make patterns in sand on a plate placed over a speaker and car stereos have speakers. Speakers which aren’t even used in their experiment. I mean, even settig aside that sand patterns made by a speaker’s vibrations actually has only a tangental connection to the rest of the show’s science at best, it’s a real stretch. Are there no regulations on this stuff in the US?

It reminds me of that episode of Onion News Network where one of their pundits is sponsored by a new car and so just sits in it, gunning the engine during a panel discussion. Which suddenly doesn’t seem so implausible.


Been catching up on Glastonbury on iPlayer, which is quite something this year. For all the crap the BBC gets thrown at it, it does put out a lot of content, in this case, over 100 performances by various artists, which they’ve isolated, so you just pick which ones to watch - it’s great. They could easily charge £1.50 to access each one and would have charged the licence fee just for that but haven’t.

A couple of nights back, we watched Jools Holland and co, last night was the Pretenders, tonight was Chic, which was something else. The way Nile Rodgers can just casually play a catchy-as-fuck riff with ease is obscenely good, then he marries that to a song like Get Lucky and that was only one of them…


Really liked this IG post from today about the first two Raimi Spider-Man films. I know they have a lot of fans here (including myself) so I thought I’d share it:


Just saw Trainspotting 2.

This is a movie that could’ve been, well, probably not a disaster, but not very good.

Thankfully it is in fact very good. It’s quite a moving film about, on one hand, the emptiness of nostalgia, and on the other, the genuine friendships that make us long for the old days. By the end Danny Boyle, John Hodge, and the cast find the perfect balance between the two themes. Not to spoil anything, but the final shot of Renton, perfectly spliced with an iconic scene from the first movie, had me grinning from ear to ear.


Castlevania was good fun.
4 episodes is criminal though.


Is the whole thing only 4 eps?


Nope, that’s only season 1 and covers only 1/3rd of the third game.
The second season will be out next year and cover the rest.

After that, who knows? Probably Castlevania 1 and 2


Huh? The animated Netflix thing? That’s out already? Warren Ellis wrote it, right?


Yeah, and it’s very noticeable that he did.


Yeah I was really enjoying Castlevania…And then it just ends.


That’s very good to hear.


I took a break today to finally watch ‘Alien Covenant’. I won’t bore everyone in the actual thread with everything that I didn’t like about it, but if you’ve listened to Mark Kermode, this is one of those occasions when I really agree with him in every way.

He’s also pretty accurate about ‘The Mummy’ (I caught up on some of his other reviews too). He noticed the bits that resemble ‘Indiana Jones’ of course, but also ‘An American Werewolf in London’. They feel like they’re mashed together, so they don’t work, but…

Now I want to rewrite history and live in a world were we really got a proper film of ‘Indiana Jones and An American Werewolf in London’!


Oo, didn’t realise that was out today. Will check it out tonight.


I, personally, am shocked that something Warren Ellis wrote just stops in the middle with a long delay before you can get the next part. :smile:


That doesn’t sound like Warren Ellis at all!!!



I think it sounds j


ust like Warre


n Ellis to d