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the purge: election year

Although these films are not very well structured and the overall idea is completely implausible, I do like them.

Not for the tension or the drama because that’s all handled poorly - except for the build up to Purge Day in each one, I feel that ramps up rather ominously; I think they do convey that well.
But I like the feel of them. There’s a bit of an over the top 80s action/horror sensibility to them, that I feel is lacking in modern day movies.
They are quite often interspersed with twisted music video style montages, which makes for terrible narritve, but they can be pretty cool.
Some of the masks, vehicles and costume/character designs are brilliant.
And generally speaking they manage to find some actors I find likeable which does make it easier to watch. Frank Grillo would made an excellent Frank Castle (although I wouldn’t swap Jon Bernthal for anyone).

So although this is never going to win any Oscars, has horrible dialogue, is a bit cringeworthy and heavy handed at times, it did exactly what I expected to and i was glad of another entry into the series.


I should add that the pacing is really bad as well, the overall structure is a bit messy.


Actually the more I think about it it was fucking shite


This might be the greatest sequence of three posts ever.


It’s existential.
Like Camus, for the modern age.


Uhm, I never said it was my favorite and it’s not… but I do call it SQ :smile:

(for SQuad, obviously… SS could be something else)


Not at all. I was just being cheeky and poking fun that you kept saying it was an R rated film when it never was.

SQ forever! We’ve got this.


Antisocial was the worst horror movie I have ever seen. A bland premise worsened by a baffling execution - even by budget standards.

But I saw that the sequel was available to watch, so my brother and I thought what the hell?
I can’t tell if it was way worse than the first movie, or way better.

It has the same flaws of the first movie but displayed in the opposite order. It reaches farther, but cuts itself off a lot more than the first. It has less character depth (which the first barely had anyway), but more tone.
But, overall, my brother and I making barbs at the movie was the most entertaining bit of watching it.


Three episodes into The Handmaid’s Tale now. It is brilliant. It is a hard watch, but it is brilliant.

Every aspect of the show is perfect. The design is wonderful, the direction is excellent (and never shies away from the nastiest and most disturbing aspects of the material), and there are some great performances (including from one or two actors that I had not been particularly impressed by in other, lighter roles).

This could end up challenging Better Call Saul for being my favourite series of the year.


John Woo’s Bullet in the Head is different to the other films I’ve seen by the director. The plot is about three best friends from Hong Kong who have to flee the country after getting into trouble with the police and end up going to Vietnam during the war, hoping to get rich amongst the chaos.

Woo’s work is often sentimental, and there’s no change here, with that critical theme of brotherhood being at the forefront once more. What’s different about this one then, is that most of the action is here to shock not thrill. It’s less stylish than The Killer (which I believe was released in the same year), and in some scenes is legitimately harrowing. All of the style seems to be there to aid the story, not for you to marvel at the technical feats of it all; the visceral punch is just too strong. The plot gets heavy but you go through such a journey with the characters that you believe in them even when the events get more outlandish. Tony Leung is great, so much so that I wish I’d seen this before rewatching Hard Boiled. Oh well, I think it’s impossible to watch that movie too many times.

Some have proclaimed Bullet in the Head as Woo’s masterpiece, and while I’m not sure that’s the case (it being tricky to say this fiom is better than The Killer or Hard Boiled while they are both more enjoyable by design), it does make some of his other stuff like Windtalkers seem tame by comparison. This was an interesting watch for sure.


Question for those that have finished The Leftovers…Does the caveman storyline from the season 2 premiere pay off at all?


Obliquely, iirc.


There was some sort of Transformers movie new to HBO on. I made it about six minutes. Visual chaos. Went to MST3K for a better film.


Ice-T also elevated Ghosts of Mars which had some interesting ideas and moments for a low budget Cormanesque b-movie.


Watching network version of Kingsman. I laughed when princess tells Eggsy “we can do it in the cell” instead of what she said in the original


We finished it last weekend - it was really well done. I appreciated Moss’ performance even though I’m not a fan of hers generally.

It’s very tense throughout, the music choices are fine, and the season is just as long as it needs to be - I haven’t read the book so I don’t know if there’s any kind of solid, meaningful ending being worked towards.

I didn’t even realise Mr. Waterford was played by Joseph Feinnes; didn’t recognise his face or voice.


I’m watching The Insider again. Possibly my favourite Michael Mann, either that or Thief.


No love for Blackhat? :smile:


I’ve never seen it, but I want to watch the Director’s Cut. It’s not available commercially though, it just plays on FX in the US.