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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I could never get into Memento. The whole backwards storytelling thing was just a bit to much of an annoying gimmick for me. Insomnia is when Nolan caught my attention.

I’m currently watching Avengers for the millionth time. And I’m a child so this made me giggle.


Memento moves backwards and forwards and sideways. You would think you can’t spoil the ending by seeming to see the beginning at the start but you can. I think. Maybe I can’t remember. :confused: I liked the fading polaroid; a film noir version of Back to the Future’s photo. It’s dark but also really funny at times like with the chase sequence. It says as much about what it means to be human as works like Eternal Sunshine or Blade Runner or Westworld, but in a different way. Amazing performance by Pearce. The whole cast is great. I still think it’s Nolan’s best film.


Same, which is no wonder given that it’s based on Jonathan Nolan’s short story “Memento Mori”…which I think is the best thing either brother has ever created.


So I finally saw the new Transformers!
Umm… :thinking:


Pretty fun right?


Great story - and for anyone who hasn’t read it (you’re welcome):


I don’t know. I thought that I knew what to expect by now, and that Michael was on a roll, but I’m left scratching my head at what this one actually is.
My knee-jerk reaction is to blame the writer’s room venture and this planned shared universe stuff. They should have just let Bay do whatever the hell he wanted to again (though considering he’s tried to quit the franchise a couple of times, what he actually wants may be out of the question).
I quite liked the Oxford professor lady though. And Anthony Hopkins stole the show. Poor Peter Cullen, I’m sure that he understands on this occasion.


I was curious so I googled Oxford professor lady. She seems very nice. She’s perfect for you Ross although I read her favourite film is Predator.


I’ve just googled her too. It turns out that she’s Star-Lord’s mum! :heart_eyes:
If Kurt Russell rates her so highly, then who are any of us to say otherwise? I hear that she knows the words to every song that comes over the radio.


Blimey, Ross – she’s practically perfect in every way. She’s your Mary Poppins!

No fair. Where’s my :thinking: Dick Van Dyke (??) or Kevin Bacon to teach me to dance? Maybe the thing to hold on to is that Kurt Russell will show me the way…


Subliminal influence? :wink:

(Everybody knows it’s Big Trouble in Little China.)


Things have gone all blurry. I think you’re trying to tell me something but whatever it is I’ve never heard of the thing anyway. Not to sound curt, but I’m only interested in watching things with dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, things like huskies in between. They’re the best guardians in the galaxy too. See, here’s the thing, it’s not worth the trouble to watch anything else. Mind you, let’s not go overboard - no amount of cash could persuade me to watch the remainder of John Woo. It isn’t a thing I’d care to revisit, not for all the tea in China. Guardians should be death proof. It’s the one thing all film makers should learn from Stargate… No… wait… I meant something else – Independence Day. Yes, that’s the thing I was referring to.


I saw @Jacowboy ‘s favourite "R-rated superhero film which wasn’t’ - Suicide Quad (SQ) on a bus today.

My synopsis:

I got this.
We got this.
I got this.
I’ve got your back.
We’re on this.
I got this.



You forgot an “oi mate” in there.


I caught the original Footloose while tv surfing the other day and all I could think of was Gamora going “we’re just like Kevin Bacon”


Is there a joke I’m missing there?


For some reason Jonathan always referred to the film as SQ even though the initials are SS. :smile:


I totally never caught that. Wow.
Well, great synopsis anyway. Spot on. It almost makes me want to watch it again (in the hope that it’s become a movie more to my taste).


I didn’t even realize that they were SS


That film could have done with a liberal dose of Hans Landa.