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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I watched all three seasons for the first time over the last couple months. It’s great stuff. Apparently the first season gets a lot of flak–even from the creators–but I thought it was great pretty much the whole way through.

Seasons 2 and 3 get to some pretty surreal places but if you liked season 1 you should like where the show goes from there.


The only flak i heard about season 1 was the grim-ness of it. That doesn’t necessarily bother me…Other than the brutal murder in episode 5, I thought it was pretty stellar all the way through. The flashback episode was a nice surprise.
That and the Matt and Nora centric episodes really made me think the show is something special.


Matt gets one episode each season that’s all about him and they’re some of the best episodes of the series. His season 2 episode is my favorite episode of the whole series.


I think The Leftovers is one of the most overlooked shows in recent memory. Not that I don’t get why. It tackles some really heavy themes that I think likely would make a lot of people uncomfortable. And yeah, it goes to some crazy places. But I loved it.


“Because it’s my turn.”


No exaggeration - that episode is some of the best lead acting I’ve ever seen. I just about had a religious experience myself at the end.


Yeah, it was superb. I’m on season 2 Episode 9. Episode 8 was also amazing and completely off the freaking wall. I kind of feel like this show was made specifically for me. Everything just works for me, and I don’t want to binge watch it because I like reflecting on episodes and I’m also scared to get to the point where I will never see a new episode of Leftovers again.
The world building is so freaking impressive.


Season 2 episode 9 is insane. I just about lost my shit at the end.

Agreed about the world-building. I also really like how they’ll focus on one character for an episode, with other characters threading in and out depending on who the focus character is with. You see that a lot in comics but not so much on TV. It’s a cool thing that only episodic storytelling can do.


Well I guess I should stay up late and dive back In tonight then when I get home from my parents :wink:


Do that and you won’t be able to resist watching episode 10 either :stuck_out_tongue:


Then I suppose I won’t be able to resist Season 3 Episode 1 after that.


F8: Bad movie but entertaining I suppose… Thank god for the Rock and the Statham, tho… As I assumed, they totally stole the show. Statham is still an action beast and the Rock oozes charm as usual. I wish he’d tone down the muscle, the guy’s gotten waaaaaaaaaay too big.

I’d be really interested in that Rock/Statham spin-off they were talking about, though I don’t know if it’s still happening, 'cause I could do without the rest of the annoying lame scooby doo gang, including Vin and his “family is everything” bullshit that he’s got going on for ages. Although he did have a couple of bad-ass scenes this movie, so I kinda hope he’ll get back to that instead to that faux-smiley family guy.

But the Rock and Statham? Fuck yeah! Sign me up… even if it’s not a spin-off… in fact, screw that silly franchise, just give me a proper bad-ass move with those two guys.


So, I’m watchin season 1 of the Leftovers, and i have a question for those of you who’ve already watched (currently on ep 6). Is it made clear whether the departing only happened in the USA? At one point one of the characters mentions 140 million be missing, and I get the impression that’s supposed to be about half of America. Is this ever made clear?


Yeah, it happened all over the world. In episode 1 they show that the Pope departed. I never questioned whether it was just in the US but I think it becomes clearer later on.

The 140 million number is across the entire world, not just in the US. It’s a big enough number that most people know someone who departed, but small enough that it wasn’t devastating to global functioning.


S3 takes place mostly in Australia.


So I was watching a thing on YouTube about female-lead Superhero movies, and they mentioned Tank Girl (even though it’s not a Superhero movie), and I was thinking that I hadn’t seen it since it was in the cinema, checked Netflix, and there it was!

My memory of the movie is that it was amusing enough but not particularly good, and 20-odd years later my opinion remains much the same. The cast is decent enough, Lori Petti isn’t terrible as Tank Girl, and hey that’s Naomi Watts as Jet Girl! Malcolm McDowell is gloriously awful as the scenery-chewing villain, and Ice-T is good as T-Saint.

The movie’s biggest problem is that they took an anarchic, off the wall punk comic and shoved it into a generic Mad Max clone - and the movie keeps reminding us that this happened! I really like the jumps to the comic art and animation sequences, but they’re a constant reminder of the source material, and how it’s pretty much impossible to get a Tank Girl movie that is accurate to the comics via the Hollywood system.

It’s basically listening to a Blink 182 album, but tracks 3, 7 and 10 are replaced with deep cuts from 20 Jazz Funk Greats by Throbbing Gristle.


I’m watching a program about Peter O’Toole and it’s really just a collection of old interviews spliced together.

Some of it’s fun, but some interviewers are/were bloody awful.

You wonder how he put up with some of them?


Christel and I went to see Despicable Me 3 this morning.

It was just okay. There were some amusing bits but nothing really outstanding. I think the problem is that each movie expands the cast which means more characters have to be served. The story felt diluted.

The movie wasn’t horrible by any means and I’m sure kids will enjoy it but for me, it was “meh”.


Turner Classic Movies had a special where Robert Osborne interviewed O’Toole for about 1.5 hours. It was fantastic. If you can find it, it’s well worth a watch. The stories from Lawrence of Arabia are hilarious.


I’m watching Memento for the first time in a decade. It’s odd seeing such a relatively small scale/cheap-looking Christopher Nolan movie.