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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I just watched the first two and agree!


We could watch it later if you have time.

It’s a really good movie. The jacket gives a great performance.


I’m watching the Josie and the Pussycats movie, which is delightful. It reminds me a lot of Zoolander, which came out six months after it.

If I’d known how much Alan Cumming there was in the movie I’d have watched before now.


Terrifically underrated movie.
So self-aware and self-deprecating. Always gets a lot of unwarranted flak.

Dujour means crash positions.


I’m about 1/3 to 1/2 way through Death Note at the moment and I’m genuinely torn between carrying on with it and just reading a plot synopsis of the series online.

The show has a great premise (high school prodigy happens upon a notebook that will kill anyone whose name he writes in it, so he decides to scourge society in a self-righteous crusade) and it’s created some interesting dynamics out of it, as Light and the anonymous detective L play against each other. And yet… It’s also quite stupid, as L has invited Light into helping his investigation, despite openly suspecting him of being the killer (Kira). The chess like thinking gets kinda tedious to listen to at length and the show is quite boringly animated for the most part.

Worst, and perhaps the weirdest complaint given the premise of the show, is that Light’s burgeoning sociopathy is just getting unpleasant to watch. The show’s just introduced a copycat Kira, who is a young woman that basically throws herself at Light and wants to do whatever he tells her which is skeevy enough, but you also get Light disinterestedly stringing along women at college etc and I don’t know. It’s not a unique thing in fiction by any means - Dexter, Hannibal, The Master and more all mine the same areas - but there’s a certain charisma that’s missing in Death Note (or doesn’t translate) that makes it much more unpleasant to watch. But I still want to know what happens.

Anyone got any opinions on whether it’s worth sticking with or not?


I’d have recommended watching the immensely shorter anime version, which at least has an inadvertently hilarious english dub.
If you’re not feeling it, no need to carry on.


I only read the manga, the story seems pretty close to what you suggest and ended well. I know when it comes to anime adaptations though they can go well off the plot.


The anime skips a lot of the “I know you know I know” stuff the manga gets mired in and uses the time skip to really just get things rolling toward the end.
Doesn’t go off the plot.



Aries Spears going “I’m Carson Daly” is always a delight


GLOW, Season 1 - We finished this last night and really enjoyed it. Every episode felt like it flew by and all seemed to end on a cliffhanger that made you want to keep watching. There was a nice balance of humor, action and real emotion all against a backdrop of 80’s nostalgia. The cast was huge and none of the felt underserved. Each had their own moment. There was also enough mystery and unfinished business to leave room for another season. The director in the show in particular reminded me of a younger Stan Lee both in looks and personality. So much so that I wondered if it was on purpose. I hope to see another season of this show if it keeps up this level of quality.

Edit: It looks like I’m not the only person who sees the similarity.


Watching Okja…I mean Paul Dano and Jake Gyllenhal in the same movie?


Ever seen Prisoners?




But it’s got Paul Dano and Jake Gyllenhaal in it. :sweat_smile:


Nah, never was fond of thrillers like that.
Okja seemed weird…and I trust Paul and Jake with weird.


:cry: Okay.

Well, I’ve just watched John Woo’s The Killer for the first time. It was a pretty cool movie, maybe even better than Hardboiled? Chow Yun Fat is great regardless.


I just got back from Despicable Me 3 in the cinema. I went with Cam and her kids, so naturally we saw the swedish dubbed version.

I need to rewatch it at some point, because I really want to hear what Trey Parker does with the role of Balthazar Bratt.

I enjoyed the film immensely. It was better than DM2 for sure.

A lot of 80s tropes and ditto nostalgia with some solid musical choices made me think of GOTG2 and (the far superior) Megamind.

It was good though. The kids loved it.

And as usual, the minions stole the show.


Richard Ayoade taking the mick out of Joey Essex is shooting fish in a barrel but so funny.


Finished season 1 of The Leftovers. What an emotional ride. This show is right up my alley and I can’t believe I didn’t get into it when it first came out.

Season 2 is interesting so far. I like that the whole premier featured not one character from season 1 until the very end.