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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Extremely satisfied with the finale of Season 3 of FARGO. After being generally disappointed with AMERICAN GODS, the Coons-McGregor-Thewlis team restored my faith in television.

Now I just have to sit on my hands for three weeks until GoT returns.


Damn, I was hoping for less style.
Might wait for…a rainy day a couple of years from now to check it out haha.


Sometimes I wonder if we have the same taste in anything? :sweat_smile:
Why would you want a movie to have less style?


Not “a” movie…just this movie.
Because the trailers seem like there’s so much of it.
And it’s all really, really, goofy looking and sounding.


The style doesn’t get in the way of the story at all. It has very clear storytelling throughout and the trailers are like a hyper stylized exaggeration. The style doesn’t become overused, it’s a very Hollywood film in that respect. It’s a far cry from the overstylization of Scott Pilgrim and I could see my parents being entertained by it as much as a teenager. It just a great movie. I really recommend it in the cinema, especially for the car chases.


You’ve yet to steer me wrong yet, so I’ll check it out on that dime.


Boom! That pun drove me wild.



Oh, Ross. Do you ever stop talking about Ryan Gosling? :heart_eyes:

We get it: he has style; his movies have style. THE Gosling jackets have style…


Enough with the Gosling references already. :sleeping:


This sentence is about one film. let’s face it Bernadette. :wink::grinning:


Blue Valentine?? :confused:


Imagine all of the Ryan Gosling of Blue Valentine, only good. :grinning:


Umm… :thinking:

I don’t think you mean the one where he fixed up the house for the girl and wrote her letters.

I don’t recall a jacket in that one, but he did wear a floppy cap.


Well he definitely fixed something for the girl, I remember that.


I think I remember he lit some candles.

So, you’re not a fan of motorcycles? The Gosling jacket was pretty cool amongst the pine-trees.


I think you have spelt depressing wrong in this sentence. It’s not c-o-o-l at all, it’s d-e-p-r-e-s-s-i-n-g. :grin:


Oh, Ross. Do you ever stop talking about Ryan Gosling?

Not if I can help it, B.

That reminds me I really need to watch A Place Beyond the Pines. I picked it up a while back but haven’t found the time.

@ParkerMcCombe His Blade Runner jacket looks pretty cool.

In the spirit of the thread, I’m actually watching T2 Trainspotting right now. First time since the cinema. It’s still pretty good, and Danny Boyle seemed to throw so much stuff into this movie. It’s pretty crazy.


I’ve seen reserved judgement on everything else off the shoulder of Orion.

I think it’s some of the best directing he’s ever done. It’s not something you overly notice on first viewing because of the characters, the actors and the story but it’s Boyle at the absolute top of his game.


Leftovers cemented Carrie Coons as one of my favorite actors. I haven’t watched Fargo s3 yet but she’s a perfect fit.


She is fantastic in Fargo.


I think the finale dropped the ball a bit. There are a lot of great ideas in the finale, but as we were heading into it a lot more esoteric themes were coming to the very forefront, and the conclusion to them…doesn’t really land. It might have helped had they been as prominent as they had been from the start, or if the starting ideas, while fewer but still very strong, had been left as they were to play out.