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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Victor Frankenstein has the tone of an irreverent energetic take on the story…but weirdly not the content.
I’ve heard the original draft had more self-parodying/deprecating scenes and I can really tell.

And yeah, agreed about the design.


Come on you guys. Please don’t spoil the entire Transformers movie before I get to see it. :cold_sweat:


I’ve been watching Kingsman. Not finished yet, but after watching the church fight I want Matthew Vaughan to direct an Archer and Armstrong movie


Stuff like the Sect would be right up his alley for sure.


Huh, I didn’t think either Shaun of the Dead or World’s End had “good or nice” endings. Funny? yeah, but quite pathetic and sad in reality. The characters never grow up and they don’t resolve their issues in either movie. Their worlds don’t really get better either. I thought it was the opposite, actually.


I dunno, in Shaun I felt it was more played off that Shaun had found a way to partition his time goofing off and his time actually nesting with Liz. The imbalance of which was more of the central problem.


Hum, but IIRC (and I might be missing something since it’s been a long time), by the end of the movie, it’s pretty much the same Shaun, except he’s switched roomies. He still lives in the same house, he still goofs around with his zombie pal, and he probably still has a shitty job. It seemed to me that they just shacked up because of the apocalypse and all but they would still break up soon after the end.

But, I dunno, I kind of interpreted the ending as an absurd conclusion to the absurd movie it was. The whole “keeping zombies as pets & slaves” was really an absurdist commentary about society and whatnot. So was the fact that in the end, despite a life-altering event, Shaun remained pretty much the same way.

Or maybe I really enjoy absurdity and see it everywhere… I don’t know :smile:


I’m watching Oliver Stone’s interview with Putin and it is very compelling television. Stone is a bit fawning over the guy, and I can understand the criticism that he’s simply giving Putin a platform to push his own agenda and perspective.

However, that is not really a surprise. This interview was never going to be about challenging Putin or confronting him with his corrupt actions from early in his career as a politician to today. What you do get though is the “other side” of the argument and a good perspective of how the Russian government and probably many Russians and former Soviets perceive the actions of a United States and Europe who maintained and continued to push a decidedly Cold War style militarization of the world even after the fall of the Soviet Union that was supposedly the reason for it.

It makes Putin look good - at least, it makes him look no different than any politician in the west - but it is worth a look.

Also, I watched MONKEY KING 2 a Chinese follow up to THE MONKEY KING starring Donnie Yen. The original film is actually not something I could recommend. It probably makes more sense to a Chinese audience and feels very much like a kid’s movie. The sequel, however, even though it does not star Yen as Sun Wukong, is actually a lot stronger as far as character development and just basically rational plot progression. Like the novel, it’s a fairy tale, but at the same time, the characters - even with massive magical powers and entirely unlikely coincidences - behave much more believably in the sense that the things they care for and react to are quite understandable from a contemporary perspective.


Started The Leftovers tonight in an epic binge session.

The start of episode 5, howeve makes me want to stop. I could do without seeing a woman that resembles my mom getting beaten to death .


‘Pirates 4’… or is it ‘5’?

Anyway, the one with the Spanish ghosts not the ghosts from the first film.

Yes, it’s all a bit flat again, but rattles along quickly enough for the most part. There’s plenty of action, it all looks great and Javier Bardem is wonderful. Like Geoffrey Rush he knows how to chew scenery without destroying the film.

Some critics have complained that don’t understand the plot? Really? The plot is very simple and far better than the third film with the giant sorceress and the stone crabs (I think it was the third film?).

It’s half an hour too long but a harmless enough way to pass a morning or afternoon at the cinema.

I can’t say any better than that, but no worse either.


Blew through the first season of Glow this morning. It’s a great little show. Tons of fun with some great performances.


Yeah, I did the same. It’s a lot of fun, and the cast are great.

I wasn’t aware of Betty Gilpin before, but after this and American Gods she’s definitely on my radar. Also, Kate Nash, whose song Foundations is still stuck in my head constantly a decade after it came out, is really funny on it.

I’d like to see more of Ellen Wong, Sunita Mani (who’s also great on Mr. Robot) and the rest of the other wrestlers in the future. It’s a big cast; I think they could have used a few more episodes to flesh out the supporting characters.


I saw Despicable Me 3 with the kids today. They both scored it 9/10. I wouldn’t be quite as generous but it was really good fun and induced a lot of chuckles. The Minions are better off as a supporting act, their scenes are very funny here, including a rendition of Gilbert and Sullivan.

The plot is a bit too similar to The Incredibles, a discarded child star from a cheesy 80s TV show becomes a super villian (no spoilers as this is all in the first 5 minutes). The 80s thing though serves the parents in the audience, lots of in-jokes and music choices to make you chuckle but they keep the visual gags going so the kids don’t feel they are missing out on anything.


Baby Driver is everything they say it is. And more for me, personally, to be fair (the only thing missing is direct fourth wall breaking by the main character and it would be a real challenge to my personal favourite film of all time, even without that it’s probably 2nd place even after one viewing. I’m not even kidding, this ticks all my other personal boxes).

It’s the least ‘Edgar Wright’ Edgar Wright movie of all time and is almost ‘by the numbers’ Hollywood wise in terms of plot and script, but the edge it has in terms of directorial character, and the frills, take it above what a film like that would normally achieve in entertainment terms. Despite my clear personal love, it’s just a great all-round movie. While not everyone will love it like I do, it’s just flat out entertaining right the way through, moreso than any of the movies it channels from True Romance to GOTG (well maybe not Guardians but it’s definitely on par), and is so clearly a future classic that’s going to be massively popular but still seem like a cult film a la Pulp Fiction. Bold and brillant and fun and heartfelt, i can’t recommend it enough.


Saw Baby Driver too. Really great; probably my second-favourite Wright after Hot Fuzz. I’ll be listening to the soundtrack all summer too.

I do wish there had been another car chase towards the end though. There’s only two, both at the start. I guess the budget didn’t allow for a third one.


As a result of that effusive review I can only conclude that at some point he drives a canary yellow car; soundtrack provided by Morecambe and Wise.

:musical_note: Bring me sunshine :musical_note:


Your spoiler…
Alright, I wasn’t interested in this movie at all…but that spoiler just put it on my radar.


I’ve had the soundtrack on flat out in my car, cobbled together before the official release.

Per your spoiler, yeah I got that feeling, I actually thought it was going that way especially because of their earlier ‘driver’ conversation, but I think the ending may be a bit of a homage to the ending of Licence To Drive which is also one of my favorite personal movies, so I ended up happy enough.

That’ll be in the sequel :wink:

You managed a rather fantastic pun there for the music used in one of the trailers. :grin:

That trailer is actually somehow even more awesome when you’ve actually seen the film.


I’ve disliked all of the trailers, to be honest.
Just looks…way too much style over substance.

But @PaulF’s spoiler seems to put that perception into question.
I’m more interested now.


It’s one of those rare instances that has both in droves.

See what I did there…