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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Tried to watch Captain Ron last night. It’s… not good. I can see how as a script it looked like it would be funny but the actual film never quite comes together. I think the problem is it lacks comedic timing. It gags never land properly because of it.

Used Cars, another Kurt Russell comedy I watched recently, worked far better. That had the right amount of wackiness and proper timing to make most of the jokes successful.


That was a picture of Apocalypse from the latest X-Men movie, it has nothing to do with compelling villains.


Women can be handsome too :grin:


Shut your dirty mouth. :wink:


It’s “whore mouth,” @RonnieM “whore mouth.” (Which is why it’s dirty by the way)



Nope. Best not reply with that either. :zipper_mouth_face:

Dave wouldn’t know a compelling villain if I threw one in his face.


I can make a very handsome fist and can throw a very handsome right hook.


(The language round here is dreadful today btw).


Billie Piper?




What, this one? :grin:


I don’t think so. There’s some invisible woman with him. Does that mean she’s handsome? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have to save it to watch later.


Nahhh. Don’t think she’s an Empress either.


So I’ve talked about my love for the kids TV show Hey Duggee and the episode I just watched (with my daughter) has only solidified that love. I gave a little laugh when I saw Bogart’s outfit from The African Queen referenced…

But I absolutely lost my mind when it went full Apocalypse Now (faux Doors soundtrack included):


Now you need to show your daughter the original source material so that she can appreciate the homage. What harm could there be in that?

“The horror. The horror!!”


It absolutely is that. As some have said anyone that has gone to a drama school will be trained in song and dance. Yes there are the odd Piers Brosnan or Russell Crowe but in the main people seem amazed when actors have to sing and dance and they are very good. I never got past a drama class when I was a teenager but we did all that stuff even at that level.

Not long back someone shared a video of a merry Benedict Cumberbatch, known for playing rather posh uptight characters, dancing brilliantly in a club with some friends and being amazed, my first thought was to the contrary that he’s probably gone through 200 hours of dance classes.

Now they are mostly restricted to showing it in awards shows, like Jackman has and Tom Holland did recently:

By contrast in Bollywood movies everyone is expected to be that all rounder still, sing and dance and do stunts as those are the movies they make.


I rarely talk about it, but my brief time signed at a talent agency when I was in my late teens, they tried to make sure we could do a bit of everything.

And damn, Holland. Had no idea that boy could rock like that :confused: :


Hey Duggee is just great. It never fails to make me laugh and some of the parody sections are fantastic. Unfortunately my kids are getting slightly too old for it now which is a shame as it’s been a favourite.


Kevin Spacey sang when he hosted the Tony Awards last week. Maybe he’ll go and do some Broadway now?
I know he’s well-known fir his theater work, but I’ve never thought of him as a singer before.


Cumberbatch sings in the audio version of Neverwhere (he plays The Angel Islington). He can definitely hold a tune.

He directed and starred in a musical about Bobby Darin a few years ago. He was terribly miscast in the role, but he was pretty good despite it.


Just watched ep 9 of better call saul, and it was painful. I only ever knew my grandfather from the inside of a retirement center, and life there is hard enough as is. Damn.


That’s one thing we have in common. I’d be a rubbish Empress in reality.

Invisible Woman has a lovely, sweet singing voice there.

Cheers, Parker. I never knew Oscar sang a song about me before. :smirk: