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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Lin-Manuel Miranda too.


I’m often surprised by how often actors that I know for one particular thing show that they are adept at others (like singing, dancing, etc.) - stage school actors get a very good grounding in a wide variety of skills, I think.

I wonder if the way entertainers are marketed today naturally leads them to become known for one thing, and have their other skills sidelined.


There are very few breakouts…James Cagney was best known for playing hard-men, but was a fantastic song and dance man. And someone like Richard Gere or Christopher Walken who started in musicals.

Today… Hugh Jackman maybe? And Anna Kendrick or Anne Hathaway.


Dougie Houser, Stephen Colbert, Seth McFarlane, Tom Holland, Emma Stone, many of those who come through Disney TV, pretty much anyone who’s been to RADA… Alot of people tend to keep it in the back of their CVs but it’s there in most long term drama training.


Who also, I think, specifically works with classically trained allrounders as much as possible, especially on her show.


You realize who we left off the list…

You’re going to kick yourself…



Ryan Gosling.

Jo-Go Levitt.



How could I???

I’m going to have to punish myself later by breaking some expensive antiques I’ve acquired from helping various people out of a tight spot.


Debatable :wink:


Yeah, most of the principal cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are Broadway veterans rather than TV/movie people. A lot of the supporting cast too - Rebecca’s mum is played by Tovah Feldshuh and her Rabbi by Patti LuPone, for example.


Everyone on that show is flawlessly talented.

Here’s a list of A-List singing actors. I imagine most will also be trained in dance. Some surprising entries.


How did I forget that Ewan McGregor was in a musical?

Edit: Also, it doesn’t include RDJ.


Interesting, many more than I realised – including some who I should have known about, but didn’t spring to mind.

So it seems that the difference isn’t that there are fewer all-rounders, but that the vehicles to showcase them are fewer these days.

Probably gone the way of the western.


I’ve often considered that.

In the 50’s they used to cite the great MGM musicals as examples of escapist movies. Now if you look at what is escapist cinema, it is something very different. I’m never quite sure if that’s a good thing. But at the time, a lot of actors did a stint in a musical once in a while (well, they were under contract and did what the studio told them).

Also, I don’t really like musicals a lot, so this isn’t me advocating for them.


Ya. It has more to do with Hollywood no longer being dominated by studio musicals. That era also all stems from Hollywood and Broadway’s association with vaudeville. A lot of actors have history in musical theater that never use it once they make it to TV and film.


I hadn’t thought about the parallels, but you’re right. The musicals were all about spectacle-over-substance, ridiculous plotlines, hyper-kinetic movement, stereotyped characters, outlandish costumes, ridiculous stunts, a gratuitious fight scene with massive property damage*, and a big emotional payoff at the end. Exactly like a modern blockbuster.

. * Oh yes there was:


Your face is debatable.

Fine then. I’ll include your precious Oscar Isaac. :roll_eyes:

Isn’t there some video or other you could use to illustrate how handsome he looks in his suit when he serenades you with his guitar?

I mean it demonstrates what a talent he is or how talented he is or something. :blush:


Aren’t we all a handsome Oscar Isaac in our own way? :grinning:


In my case, it’s closest to this way:


I would never have thought of you as a very compelling villain before today, Dave. You sure had me fooled.

But now I feel excluded. Unlike you guys, I can never be an all-singing, all-dancing, all-handsome, all-rounder, Oscar-worthy Oscar Isaac in any way not even if I dyed my hair blue.