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John Wick Chapter 2

Or, more accurately: John Wick: Sequel Not Needed.

This started out OK, had some excellent shoot-out sequences, but it ended as a pile of shite.

One problem is the trailers give you a picture of the film that the film itself never matches up to - I’m hard pressed to recall such a difference between the promotion of a product and the product itself e.g. Fishburne was little more than a cameo.

The shoot-out sequences were good but lack the shock ‘n’ awe of the first film because, as has been said, the audience knows this is what John does now. Although, as they went on, these sequences became akin to Uncharted fights, in that there seemed an infinite number of Fearless Goons, who then got killed, more turned up, they got killed. Then John encounters a Boss character who has immunity to head shots, thus big punch-up.

Despite its flaws, I enjoyed it up to the final section, which is where it went off the rails, but those rails had been set early on with the supposed rules of the assassin’s world. This is also where a shift between the two films can be seen - in the second, fucking over the Continental’s rules equals exile, in the first it meant death, quick, brutal, instant. Don’t think there was any mention of the High Table either.

The other element that killed it for me were the sheer number of assassins and that they all knew where Wick was. Short of planting a GPS tracker on him, there’s no way to make that work plausibly. I didn’t care for the idea of debunking John’s ‘impossible task’, though the deaths by pencil were neat.

Apparently there will be a John Wick 3, but I can’t say I’ll care much about it now.

The best bit? Easy - the section with the tailor and ‘sommelier’.


The big problem with the action in JW2 is that it lacked variety. In the first one they were constantly doing something new and different. Here it just tended to be Wick moving down a corridor, shooting people as he went. They also made him effectively invincible, which spoils some of the intensity as well.


Well the same can be said of any ground-breaking movie that gets a sequel tbh… The joy of the John Wick movies, and that applies to JW2 as well, is the action and how it’s filmed and perfectly executed. They’re hard action movies, for action lovers and in that regard they deliver quite well.

I guess one could say they’re the modern Die Hard, in a way.


I honestly thought that the second one was a better, more ambitious movie.
Some of it is recycled and falls flat, but overall? I’d rank it higher than the first.


4 episodes in, and the new Bloodlines is finally kicking into high gear for me.


There’s no US-content quota here though.


I may have been joking…




I think its ambitions live or die by all the Assassin’s worlds guff - if you like all that and the idea that there’s hundreds of assassins active in one spot at one time, then yeah, it’ll work better.


‘Life’ is a bad film.

It’s another ‘Alien’ clone, which is fine, but it’s front loaded with flat, unnecessary exposition, and heavy handed character set up.

Then, when the plot kicks off it stops making much sense pretty fast, with things happening because they have to, in order to keep the film moving. Along the way it wants to be philosophical and make some meaningful points about, well, life (yes the title has more than one level) but it’s just not good enough to carry its ideas.

It’s got a great cast (who do what they can, but the dialogue isn’t helping them) and A movie production values but it’s a B- SyFy channel script. Such a shame.


I saw Sing with the kids. It’s a lot of fun, I’m glad it was good (and made a lot of money) as I really like Garth Jennings as a bloke from all the podcasts he’s done with Adam Buxton.


I just caught up on last week’s Better Call Saul. I know I’m like a broken record at this point, but this show is just so good. I can’t wait to see how the concluding episode of this season plays out. And I’m hopeful that news of a renewal for at least another year is imminent…


Last week’s episode just might’ve been Jimmy’s coldest deed.


It felt like the first time when I’ve just been 100% against him all episode. It underlined how heartbreaking it’s going to be when he completely loses his way.


Got around to the final Hunger Games film. It’s fine - suitably grim - but doesn’t really have any surprises.


And that ending is kind of rubbish, no?


Eh, it’s ok.


Watched a couple movies at home over the weekend.

Split - I think I was most surprised by how straightforward this film was. I kept expecting a big twist but it never seemed to happen. Maybe the trailers for this gave away too much. I did enjoy it and thought McAvoy was especially amazing. I like how they tied it to Unbreakable but wish they’d been a bit more explicit with fixing the abuse situation with the girl’s uncle. Interestingly, a friend mentioned today that Unbreakable has a quick reference to McAvoy’s character as a boy in the film. Supposedly, there is a point where Willis has to choose between helping a kid who’s mother is abusing him and going after another guy where he chooses the second and the first might have been the kid that becomes The Horde. It’s been so long since I’ve seen Unbreakable that I don’t remember. Has anyone went back and watch it since?

American Ultra - I think this film had a lot of potential and delivered on part of it. It was trying to shoot the line between being a non-stop, thrill ride action film and a witty, talky, stoner comedy. It had a lot of good going for it but it never seemed to maintain its momentum. Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart were pretty great though.


BBC2 showed Wonder Man at the weekend. No, nothing to do with the comics character, the Danny Kaye movie from 1945. First time I’ve seen it in decades, and maybe it’s slightly more creaky and dated than I remember, but still good fun. I’d still pick The Court Jester as my favourite Danny Kaye movie, but Wonder Man does have the added attraction of Vera-Ellen :heart_eyes:

Danny Kaye could do everything: sing, dance, act, physical and verbal comedy. But Kaye wasn’t unique – everybody working in that movie genre in that era did all of those things. All-round entertainers. Do we still have those? None spring to mind…


Tim Minchin and Rachel Bloom spring to mind right away.