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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Parker…be honest…Do you want to see Nordy Pointless? (Calling it Pointless Northern Ireland might be seen as a bit on the nose :wink:)


We already have Pointless here, but it’s called Stormont.


Cymbal Crash :laughing:

Thank you. He’ll be here all week. Remember to try the veal. :smile:


*puts on New Jersey accent

“Try the veal,” ‘e says… An’ try not to hurt your back when you’re carrying it in from the bumper of his car.

Cymbal Crash


Yeah that’s true enough from my travels. New Zealand is even more Brit-centric on the the TV, maybe 75% BBC/ITV/C4 content.


I mean, the other commercial channels are probably 25% local, 65% US, 10% other. You’d be hard-pressed to hear an American accent on the ABC though (unless it’s Rich Hall on QI).


He’s American enough to make up the quota though.


Yeah, pointless is fantastic

It’s the only quiz show we really watch now and it’s now got to the point where we record most of the episodes, we enjoy it that much.

The questions and format are brilliant for family participation and the presenters are now national treasures - very witty, smart and likeable - I get the impression they are on the show as they are in real life.


Watched Mulholland Drive last night. Still my favorite movie. I see new things in it and get something new out of it every time I watch it. And it still manages to unnerve me, even though I’ve probably seen it a dozen times.

Probably gonna watch its sister movie, Lost Highway, next.


Not a big fan of Lynch but at least Lost Highway gave us this.


Lost Highway definitely had a great soundtrack.


I watched Eraserhead this past weekend. Still awesome.


Dan Brown will be taking notes;


I’ve only seen that once, about a decade ago. I should watch it again soon. I’ll probably be able to appreciate it more as an adult.


I think his passport lists his occupation as “Professional American”.


I watched a few things today, all 3 pretty silly which j enjoyed to varying degrees.

Independance Day 2
Is as bad as word of mouth and reviews made it out to be. I actually thought it started in an interesting enough manner and I liked some of the early effects, but it quickly became a pointless mess of a movie that I switched off with about 30-45 mins left to go.
Worst thing I’ve attempted to watch in a while.

Lights Out
I’ve been meaning to get to this for some time now. I actually thought I’d seen it already, but I think it was the short film it was based on.
There’s a remarkably simple but really effective concept at the core of this, well it it should be effective - they never came close to delivering a movie that matched that simple concept.
This is basically a scene that someone has thought up when watching a weeping angels episode Of doctor who or something then tried to make a movie round it.
When they tack on a back story it quickly descends into nonsense.
I’m all for a straight forward, crowd pleasing horror - I love the Conjuring and I liked most of the Conjuring 2, I don’t need subtext to enjoy a movie.
I also like short movies so when I saw this was 70 odd minutes I was delighted; but even the short duration worked against it.
Ultimately, it’s a watchable horror but it won’t live long in the memory and the ‘monster’ in this is a pretty crap design, which doesn’t really help.

Few jump scares here and there but this was a missed opportunity to make something really inventive and terrifying. It all felt rather rushed and half baked.
It’s not awful by any means but it’s a frustrating waste. The PG-13 rating doesn’t help either.
It’s a fucking horror movie, go for it.

The final episode of The Flash season 3 rounded things off well enough. As we all know, this show is one of those shows where if you think about it too much it falls apart, but I’m quite happy just to sit back and enjoy it for what it is without strong too upset about the stuff that doesn’t make sense.

There’s too many speedsters now, which I find pretty irritating. There was no real need to bring Wally or Jesse Quick into the show, I don’t feel like they add much. I feel they could have went another way with the extended cast.

Im looking forward to season 4 though. It’s not essential viewing but it is good fun in a disengage your brain kind of way.


Finally watched The Room. It really is everything everyone’s said about it. Phenomenal.


Next you must watch Samurai Cop!


Ìdiotsitter series 2, episodes 1-4

Discarding the series 1 cliffhanger in an almost perfunctory manner, and rapidly dumping the setting for series 1 along with it, Billie and Gene wind up in college - Billie as a teacher (professor bitch to you), and Gene as a student (the judge told her it was this or get a job). And things go as well as one might expect. Gene is trying to become a viral video star and desperate to make friends, but everyone thinks she’s a teacher, and Billie continues to have the social skills of a nuclear explosion.

Over the course of the four episodes, they blunder their way through college, attempting first to fit in, then to deal with witnessing a suicide; getting Billie laid; and having the college to themselves during Spring Break. In typical fashion, each story escalates from a fairly standard sitcom beginning through layers of insanity, anchored by Gillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse’s fantastic performances.

Billie and Gene’s relationship is the heart of the show, especially at the points where Billie can’t decide if she likes or hates Gene. And even though it’s heartfelt, it’s always funny as well. The show never descends to the mawkish sentiment of mainstream US sitcoms. It also does a great job of parodying woke campus feminism, especially compared to the tone deaf attempts of this year’s series of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Looking forward to the last three episodes tonight, and I really hope it gets a third series.


I’ll need to watch out for this coming back to Comedy Central - the first series was a hoot at times