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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


For what it’s worth, neither do I. Watching at home, it’s my default to not laugh out loud when I think things are funny. UKS, though, has a gazillion jokes, and I only found maybe 1% of them actually worked for me, even in my default setting. I think I’d like the show more with less jokes, tbh.


Pointless is great.


I generally think of LDS as a slightly more sci-fi version of Christianity.

What do you think it makes it more sci-fi? More trippy certainly, but I may not be familiar enough to see a sci-fi aspect to the Latter Day Saints.

More generally, I think the idea of smaller religious sects surviving into the future and how they would be transformed is one that’s always potentially an interesting one to add to the mix.

Not a “small” sect, but the LDS thing in the Expanse also reminded me of how Judaism turned out to have survived as (the only of our current religions) in Frank Herbert’s Dune universe.


Is the host well regarded? It’s just a very stilted, quiet show (when I’ve seen it and tried to figure out what the hell they’re doing).

!mpossible seems like a better concept.


Armstrong is quite a well regarded sketch actor and comedian, I think you kind of need to know his personality that a lot of the pauses are for comedic effect.


I don’t recognise them.

After a Google I’ve found the name Richard Osman (who’s billed as the star of pointless) (and who I get confused with a guy who I think was on Mad Men and is still on Veep).

But looking at the real host yes, he’s the fellow who seemed kind of uncomfy.

It was the 20th anniversary of Con Air last week, prompting another AV Club article. It’s due a re-watch I think.


Well, LDS is the only major world religion founded after an essentially modern view of astronomy, and as I understand it, some of the scripture actually references or could be understood to reference space, stars and other planets (as understood in modern times). That kinda lends itself to some sci fi, no?


It is partly that he is uncomfortable in the role (though he’s a very polished TV host, as seen when he does HIGNFY) because there is an inescapable awkwardness to having to make small talk to 8 strangers four times a day, but they steer into it for effect a lot of the time. Any awkward or stilted exchanges between him and Richard are usually the result of them having cut out some rambling digression or joke between them.


Yes there are a lot of raised eyebrows and chuckles at times.

I don’t think the point of these shows is ever to be slick though, it’s not really a proper ‘shiny floor’ game show, it’s just about the quiz.


Their beliefs about the afterlife, their followers will occupy planets that they would rule over and that’s how our god ended up ruling our planet, always seemed a bit sci-fi to me.

That they would be the primary group left in the future probably makes sense to a lot of writers as they are one of the fastest growing churches while a lot of others are in decline.


CHiPs is one of those movies that wants to be a comedic self-aware take on its source material…but also a grounded, gritty, reimagining of the source material,

There are brief flashes where either could have worked, but any time the two intersect is just dreadful, and overall jumping between the two creates something so uneven and hard to sit through.


Giving Nip/Tuck a rewatch…this show was even more outlandish than I remember.


Saw ‘The Fisher King’, for the first time in years. Terry Gilliam did an introduction for the screening at an art house cinema in London (his office is in Covent Garden and he lives in islington, so it’s a short journey for him).

I remembered liking the film, but thinking bits went off the rails, and that was my impression again last night, but the bits that work are often amazing.

The cast are spectacular, whatever else they’ve done this contains some of their absolute best work. Robin Williams owns all his scenes, but Jeff Bridges stands up against him incredibly well and Mercedes Ruehl stacked up a long list of nominations and awards, deservedly so. Amanda Plummer sometimes just gets cast as twitchy and strange, and she does that here, but so much more as well, it’s a great performance.

I’d totally forgotten about Michael Jeter’s supporting role, as a homeless, mentally unstable drag artist who delivers a show tune halfway through the movie. Having seen it again, I can’t imagine how I forgot it? It’s brilliant, sympathetic, strong, tragic and hilarious.

It all looks like a Gilliam movie, in the best way so, yes, it does go off the rails, but it’s still a really successful story. I’m glad I saw it again.


The dance sequence in Grand Central station is still amazing.

Brazil is still my favourite Gilliam movie though.


I’m wishing they were doing a season, but this was to promote the release of the Criterion Collection edition of ‘Fisher King’.


Yes. Very much so.


Pointless is very, very, very British and I think that’s why it’s enjoyed so much in Britain, it’s never occurred to me before what anyone outside Britain would think of it, but as mentioned, I think we all buy into that awkwardness because that’s how we feel about this sort of quiz show small talk (and small talk in general).


I assume the format is sellable overseas, and local presenters would do a version that fit their culture.


Versions I’d not enjoy. :wink:


FWIW the programming schedule of our national broadcaster, the ABC, is probably 50% local content and 50% whatever they can get from Britain.