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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


A) The internet didn’t exist back in 1989.
B) We were just happy that there was a movie with a superhero in it. We didn’t care that it was mostly a Prince video.

So maybe people weren’t as tough on it as we ought to have been. Always thought Batman Returns was a more fun movie.


I found Batman Returns more obtuse and less to the point.

Batman is just a fun romp for me due to Keaton’s inherently likability and Nicholson just going for it.


Yeah, the first Burton Batman is my second favorite Batman film. It’s incredibly enjoyable and has the best depiction of Gotham and the Batmobile.


Batman Returns hardly feels like a Batman film though. Just a movie with Batman characters in it.


I like Gotham’s depiction of Gotham even more in terms of tonality. Just so campy and hilariously nihilistic.

But visually yeah Burton does so well.


So, gone through 20 eps of Blindspot S1.

It’s pretty much your standard cop procedural / conspiracy / will-they-won’t-they hybrid. Come to think of it, a series where a man and woman work together without shagging or hooking up ever entering the picture would be really refreshing. The conspiracy aspect is kind of overworked too. What makes it work is the idea of someone wiping out her identity without really knowing what she was signing up to, she thought she could handle it but was wrong.

Still for a tenner, it’s been good enough. Hope they know where to stop.


Benson and Stabler never shacked up on SVU, for one.


Thanks, never got into the leviathan of US TV that is Law & Order and it’s numerous spin-offs.


I watched John Hodgeman’s Ragnarok special on Netflix. First off, I can’t believe 2012 was so long ago. As for the actual show, it’s ok, but really runs out of steam. It’s got about an hour run time and yet is padded with an intro from Scott Adsit, some bloody awful folk singer and then devolves into Hodgeman messing around with a guitar. I bailed at that point and it’s a shame because what little material Hodgeman has is quite good. There’s an extended bit where he pulls up a teenager from the audience, who I assume must have been a plant, because Hodgeman got damned lucky otherwise.


Watch Elementary. The evolution of Holmes and Watson’s friendship and partnership is a highlight of the series for me. As beautiful as Lucy Liu is, her Watson doesn’t use sex or sex appeal to solve cases. She uses her brains.


Been watching the NBA Spider-Man cross promotion. I just saw the last one and can confirm that indeed Iron Man is a Dick!


Yeah, I liked the character development of that show quite a lot. Also, its Sherlock seems much less superhumanly intelligent and accomplished which added a nice bit of tension since the likelihood that he could be wrong was greater. At the same time, it followed the standard mystery show format, so you knew that whoever he thought it was at the 2/3’s mark couldn’t actually be the culprit.


Have you watched Parks and Recreation??


And a lot of us did complain.


So you’re saying it’s a bit like Man of Steel?

(Getting my Man of Steel mention out of the way early this week.)


Like many here, Batman Returns is a favourite for me. I think some of the subplots go on a bit too much, but they also contain great moments.


Watched The Accountant on Saturday night, expecting it to be meh; but it was actually pleasantly entertaining in a Jack Reacher/John Wick kind of way. And JK Simmons is (almost) always a joy to watch.


of course, back in the day, I have trouble with watching reruns because I struggle with the concept of a pudgy Star-Lord


Just asked cuz of Ms. Plaza, as that was my introduction to her. It’s been cool to see her keeping busy with new projects, too!


The Expanse, Season 1 - We finished this over the weekend and really loved it. The story weave things together in a compelling mystery in a hard sci-fi space with a lot of political intrigue. As I said before, it’s working on a TV budget but seems to spend that budget where it counts. There were also some really interesting things they did with nation of origin and other stuff like that with the characters. Every episode is compelling and never felt like it drug on. In fact, I really wanted more at the end of the first season. The second season isn’t available for free on Amazon Prime yet but I will definitely be watching when that happens.

I do have a few questions if anyone is more familiar with it. How closely does it tie in with the books? Are the authors Latter Day Saints? There seems to be a strong undercurrent related to that religion but I couldn’t find any reference in their bios.