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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


currently watching Five Easy Pieces on cable; vintage Jack Nicholson. And I finally understand the title.


It kind of did. Hardly made twice its budget domestically, and expectations were huge after the success of the Lego movie.

I also agree with some of your criticisms, although I did find it entertaining enough, and did chuckle many times.


Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates was better than the reviews made out.

Not a great film by any means but a fun way to spend 90 mins.

I think that critics who don’t like these kind of movies should not review these kind of movies - it’s very hard to tell whether the critic is just a joyless boring c*nt or the movie is geneuinely unfunny and crap.


Most movie critics generally don’t decide what they do or don’t review.

I thought the movie was okay, but nothing very memorable. The cast have all been much better in other projects (and in Efron’s case much worse).


I know. I think the magazines etc the work for should assign a better fitting reviewer to cover them. Same with horror, although I find that the horror/sci fi magazines/ websites I use address that gap pretty well.

I don’t read reviews for movies I know I’m going to watch, but if I’m on the fence with something they can be useful.


Took my nephew to see Captain Underpants.

It’s an incredibly funny movie. Some parts skew young, naturally, but overall stays very broadly family in its humor. Some minor plot messiness, but it tries to cover that up by making it explicitly in the POV of the two main characters. So things…get erratic, but that buttress helps a lot.

Good fun.


Did you ever read the books as a kid?

That series was crazy popular when I was elementary school age. I was kinda surprised to hear they were making a movie of it as I’d thought it had fallen off a long time ago.


Well, yeah.

And lending my old copies to him is how my nephew got into the series.


It’s a fair point. I mean, aside from, you know, that I’d argue that you don’t have to be joyless and boring or a cunt to not like a certain brand of humour. But fair enough, when it comes to that brand of humour, there are also movies that make it work and others that fail to, so that’s what the reviews should actually be about.

One of the ways in which, very generally, criticism of any kind of work can go entirely wrong is when the reviewer generally doesn’t want to be work to be something different than it is, instead of judging whether it is successful at what it sets out to do.


Aye, or praising it for those same, imagined, merits.


I may have to see this because i looked up the cast and the dates are Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza. Since Legion, she is verging on Must-See territory. I also liked her in Dirty Grandpa so I know she can do this kind of humor.


The cast is far better than the material. It was a mildly entertaining way to kill an hour and half, but it really doesn’t have anything too memorable about it one way or the other.


Are we talking about Mike and Dave?
Because yeah, agreed.

It’s only…moderately humurous.

They’ve all been in funnier stuff.


How much screentime does Richard Splett get?


I’ve stumbled upon Channel 5 showing a 2017 remake of Dirty Dancing…It’s fuckin awful.


That’s Richard T Splett.

I don’t know why I said T, his middle name is John.


Keaton Batman happens to be on. Y’know, he does the same stuff Zack had him do in BvS, and Burton didn’t get bitched to death!


Sausage Party - behind the scenes drama notwithstanding, I laughed my ass of during this movie.


RE Mike and Dave

I just want to reiterate, i did not think it was a great movie - but it was nowhere near as bad as made out.

And both Aubrey Plaza and Zac Efron are hot as feck.


IT COMES AT NIGHT was all right. Tense, but ultimately not a satisfying film. However, the young man in the movie - the most obvious protagonist, actually - was played extremely well by Kelvin Harrison Jr. He’s definitely an actor to watch for in the future.