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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Different strokes. I find the just about every episode this season immensely watchable. I’m enjoying the blink-and-you-miss-it callbacks to earlier seasons and everything about the election.


What about What Frank does to Cathy? or the complete lack of finding out wtf happened for real with Conway in Afghanistan? And his complete disappearance after he loses? or what they did to Neve Campbell’s character, even though so far they haven’t really screwed over anyone that’s stayed loyal to them? Even Stamper, though getting screwed, is still seemingly cared for Also, the Underwoods in general coast through this season on luck, not on scheming skills.


Question re: last night’s Better Call Saul - do we know anything about the body Mike found? I can’t remember if it was set up before or not.


It was the body of the ‘good samaritan’ that was killed after he helped out the Salmanca guy that Mike tied up when he interrupted their operation towards the end of the second season. Mike has shown guilty feelings about it before and I think they were brought up again following his conversation with the lady last episode who talked about losing her husband and not knowing what had happened to him.


Oh shit, yeah. Thanks!


The wife and I have been binging Hell on Wheels heavily over the past few weeks. The show seems to really really find itself in the third season, while the first couple are still enjoyable. I can’t help but think about how Anson Mount would be a perfect casting choice for Joel if they made a film out of The Last of Us.

While Inhumans isn’t that appealing to me, I like Iwan Rheon, and I’ve grown to really like Anson Mount, so I’d likely give it a shot to see what their onscreen chemistry is like.


New Rachel Bloom:


Emmy and Golden Globe winner Rachel Bloom


HBO decided to show Journey to the Center of the Earth - the James Mason one. Starts slow, but still holds up with plot and such. A favorite film as a kid. Even the styrofoam stalactites are charming!


Fargo 3.8: That was one of the best hours of television ever. Beginning to end, it was just perfection. Writing, acting and direction were just on point.


I just watched the Batman Lego movie… That’s without a doubt one of the worst movies I’ve seen in the past few years… omg. Completely unfunny (didn’t chuckle even once), bad voice work, sappy and corny to the max, un-earned emotional beats, bad music, it all looked like a blur of shapes and colors that didn’t make sense. Gratuitous franchise crossovers… ugh ugh ugh…

How did that crap not tank? Nice money grab tho… =/


By generally being well-liked by critics and audiences alike…? Haven’t seen it myself, but you’re definitely in the minority compared to the reception it got in general. Naturally, it also benefited from how incredibly well-loved the first lego movie was, as well.


So, following up on all the Alien talk, who’s seen Covenant? I thought it was very solid. Sure, you’re dealing with the dumbest scientists ever created, but watching it made Prometheus even better. So double thumbs up!


Re House of Cards, Season 5:

I get what you’re saying about all those dangling plot threads, but this show specializes in dragging some of those out. The civil war re-enactor and Rachel Posner’s “Friend” all made repeat appearances in somewhat major ways 2-3 seasons later. I think Conway was too big a character to just go away…and the Cathy thing will surely come back in season 6.


The answers you seek are here:


I was 4 episodes behind on Fargo…just caught up.
And…holy moley, I love this season.

It might be my favorite season in a strictly crime story sense, taking out the overall stylizations that each season has had in spades.


I got that Jimi movie on the DVR and will get to it eventually.

Andre 3000, Ruth Negga, Hayley Atwell… Should be all right.


Tried watching War on Everyone but it was dire so I turned it off after a half hour. It’s John Michael McDonagh doing a Shane Black-type movie (with a hint of Tarantino) but it’s never funny and the two buddy cop main characters aren’t established well. It’s the asshole antics of Mel in Lethal Weapon, RDJ & Kilmer in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Gosling & Crowe in The Nice Guys without any of the character depth or charm.

Unfortunate, because McDonagh’s Calvary is one of my favorite movies of the last few years, and The Guard was pretty good as well. Also unfortunate because the movie’s a huge waste of Michael Pena in a rare starring role.


As I said upthread, this past week’s episode is one of the best hours of TV ever.


I’m iffy about the abrahamic elements though.

Very iffy.