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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I resubscribed to Netflix last night and watched the first episode of Kimmy s3. I found it a tad underwhelming, to be honest. I quite liked the first season and the second well enough, but I felt no compulsion to move straight on to a second episode last night.

I also started in on the classic Mystery Science Theatre 3000 they’ve got on there. My only real experience with the show before is the movie (which I quite liked). The first in Netflix’s smattering of classic episodes was Manos: Hands of Fate, which I know vaguely by reputation. Or rather just that is has a reputation. I assumed for being one of the best episodes, but maybe just because it’s one of the worst riffed films? I found the episode really quite boring and a total slog. It’s not considered a high point of the series in terms of actual comedy, is it?


Not really. Think of MST3K as the reality of being “trapped” with only bad films. The only relief is from your snarky friends. It’s not rocket science. It’s some folks from Minnesota who lived like that and made MST3K to avoid going nuts! Then it made money, Mike Nelson went from writer to host, and it was the Law of Diminishing returns.

That the original one. If it’s the new Netflix one, can’t help ya.


I enjoyed the Manos one, but the movie itself is so bad it can be hard viewing just for the gags. From the Netflix classic selection, try Hercules Agains the Moon Men; The Pumaman or Space Mutiny (home to the classic running joke of coming up with new names for the charisma void that is the male lead), though I liked pretty much all the episodes up there.

From the new one, try Cry Wilderness, Starcrash, or Yongary.


The key here is never ever watch the movie!

That leads to Deep Hurting.


Don’t you mean DEEP HURTING


Depends on the movie.



Thanks for the tips, @Lorcan_Nagle
I made a couple of other discoveries on Netflix. First is that it has Cowboy Bebop! Haven’t watched that in yonks.

Second is this new sitcom. I’m surprised no-one’s mentioned it here before, as it’s quite funny and has these great musical numbers. It’s called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I think people here would like it.


They added Trigun a few weeks ago as well, if you want to go down the classic SF western anime hole.

I too have never heard of this show, but it sounds good to me.


Yeah, I’ve always been curious about Trigun, so I think I’ll try that after Bebop and finally finishing Death Note.


As hilarious as this week’s Silicon Valley was, I cackled like a Hyena when I realised the closing theme was a mariachi version of Walking on Sunshine


Tri-Gun is one of thos classic anime series that, like Bebop, defined a particular “Anime” story style.

If there ever was a live-action adaptation, I think Chris Pine would be good for Vash the Stampede. At least when he was younger.



Nope. Never heard of it. Sounds very girly to me.


I have to say, I have tried Crazy Ex-Girlfirend, and it’s great in many ways, but I also find it hard to watch. It works with embarrassing situations a lot, and that’s always difficult for me to get through. So I’ve kind of floundered mid-season. Sorry, Lorcan.


I’m only a few episodes into it, but I can’t watch more than one at once. It gets a bit much. I do think it’s pretty funny though, the songs and supporting cast are great.


I’m not a fan of cringe comedy, but I find that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend generally gets it better than most shows. Though for the most part I like it for elements other than the cringe - the songs, the heartfelt message, the frank discussion of mental health issues, and Darryl and White Josh are the cutest couple on TV


The new season of House of Cards is completely bonkers…but I. AM. IN. I can’t stop watching.


Really? It’s made me decide to wait for reviews first before watching any future seasons.


The first two-thirds of the season, with the ridiculously long election storyline (it started back in S3), was incredibly boring, but the last few episodes are kind of fun, in a stupid way.