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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Well…as the biggest booster of this film here, what did you expect that the movie didn;t deliver?


I think I expected a little better resolution. It starts to tip on it but then pulls back. I understand the message is closer to sometimes at best we just survive life and never get over some things but hoped for a bit more.


I mean, yeah…I wouldn’t have liked a bit more. I get what you’re saying - but leaving off with the message that he has a better relationship with his nephew, that’s enough. For now at least. Life, grief, trauma, it’s a process and one we never really get over - but Casey has made a step. And it’s a hard one, but a big one. Doing more than that would have undermined a few things.

But totally understandable.


It was a weird, clever way to explore the themes tackled like self-destruction and the violence of emotions – all the havoc created as a result. It’s almost surprising no one thought to merge the two before.

Todd would probably think it needed more Dan Stevens.


I thought it was an interesting exploration of damaged relationships and abuse. It just made for an odd mix of mulitple genres.


We’re probably on pretty close to the same page. It may have just been the wrong time for me to watch the film. All things considered, I think I may have liked Moonlight better but thought that film needed a bit more meat.


Is the mix of genres why you have mixed feelings about it or was it something else?


We’re definitely on the same page with Moonlight needing more meat. I liked Manchester by the Sea better because of its starkness and grounded portrayals, but with very intuitive humanity and emotion. It really stirred me, and I don’t stir easily. Moonlight had scenes and themes that were really magnificent, but I felt it squandered its run time rather than explore them, which Manchester did.


It’s how it mixed them. It from a rom-com to a monster film to almost an abusive relationship thriller. The last one was a bit jarring to me. I think it was a good exploration and like some of the other films being discussed above brought up some interesting feels but not necessarily comfortable feelings.


I have to agree with you about Colossal, Ronnie. The intersection was interesting and did cover the ground in a way that was kinda clever…but the mixture was a bit uneven and jarring. The meld could have been better.


Here was my review from right after I saw it which may be a better explanation.

Edit: I think the gaslighting and abuse are the things I struggled with most. Anytime a film or TV show veers into areas of men treating women poorly, it disturbs me and maybe takes up a disproportionate amount of what a film is actually about to me. That there was a large circle of abuse didn’t help in this situation.


Watched the third season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Not exactly sure why I’m still watching this show, as I find almost nothing funny in it… only thing I can guess is the charisma of the lead actress keeps me going.

Just started season 5 of The Americans, looking forward to seeing how the plot thickens here!


I watch for Titus.
Who again stole the show.

Kimmy is mediocre for the most part, she was probably at her best in this season though.


Yeah, Titus is pretty delightful too. Still, most of the jokes just do nothing for me at all


Oh yeah, the jokes in Seasons 1 and 2 are really bland and NY feels so much like a caricature it’s not even funny.
Unlike 30 Rock where it was so exaggerated it was hilarious.

This had more jokes about personalities and identity rather than society and culture, which made them…a bit more refreshing


I generally enjoy Ellie Kemper, but Kimmy Schmidt doesn’t really work for me. Tried out it through the beginning of season 2 and haven’t been compelled to return.


Ain’t worth it, all in all.
There’s a intentionally goofy pop song though, worth a listen to on youtube or something.


Boobs in California is definitely the highlight of the season… been stuck in my head for the last 48 hours!


Judah Friedlander as a whole is the highlight of the season.
Good evening, BAT President!
…looks like someone did tell a lie"


Been catching up on Fargo. The third season is brilliantly done, as usual, and has some really great moments (e.g. the animated science fiction novel!), but overall it hasn’t been quite as compelling for me as the first two seasons (which is a difficult feat to achieve again and again, one has to admit). The best thing about it is once again the villain. The one thing that actually annoys me and was kind of unexpected was that they use the incompetent superior trope badly. Mostly ails me because they always avoided that before; the sheriff that Odenkirk played in season 1 was also kind of incompetent, but there you understood why, what was going on with him - he was just unable to imagine this kind of evil existing in his world; he was overwhelmed by it, in a very human way. Whereas the new chief this season is just a dick being dickish all the time. That’s an overused, silly trope that Fargo should be able to do without.

Anyway, caught up to episode 7 and things are getting heated. Looking forward to how things will fall towards the ending.

Oh, I’ve also finally started to watch some Rick and Morty. This is so much fun!