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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


XXX: The Return of Xander Cage

This is a ridiculously fun movie. It starts off fairly restrained and then just goes along, slowly getting nuttier by the minute, all the way to a crazy ending.

There’s fun stunts, mad sequences and Vin ain’t the only one who’s back. Ice Cube turns up in a memorable cameo and a bad-ass line of ‘rock, paper, scissors, grenade launcher’

It’s a good way to spend 100 minutes.


So you’re saying that you entered The Xander Zone?


That cameo was actually in one of the trailers, which really surprised me.


I know I’m late to this but I love Alien 3. I don’t get the hate. It’s dark, broody, rapey (that’s a positive in this case). Sure the CGI sucks, but there’s a lot of movies with crap CGI that people overlook.

Btw, I love Prometheus as well. If they would have just cut that rolling spaceship scene that movie would have been great. Quite frankly it is one of the most beautifully shot movies I can remember. When in doubt I can pop in Prometheus, Oblivion or Wall-e on my big screen and just soak in the views…


Twin Peaks ep 3 tonight and I continued to be awed by Lynch. Even more so for realising he is also the sound designer (which has been a big part of the enjoyment).

I see he’s also written a lot of the tracks on the soundtrack each ep.


Oh, that sucks. It’s easily one of the best surprises in the film - especially his intro screen.


Just watched A Cure For Wellness.
I really rather enjoyed it, and was one of the more entertaining horror movies I’ve seen in ages. Wish I had seen it in theaters to be honest.

I’ve never gotten into Hammer Horror-type films, but this movie sorta felt to me like the movie I imagine when I hear fans talk about that movie line. It was nicely atmospheric, gothic with touches of camp, and just thrilling and uncomfortable. Didn’t have a problem with the run time.


I enjoyed most of it, but it expectedly goes off the rails a bit towards the end.

It is a bit weird that Jason Isaacs had both that and The OA a month or two apart, playing fairly similar characters.


For me the only sour spot was the very end bit. We didn’t need to have such a direct cap off to the job subplot. Something more subtle would have helped to underlay how madcap the entire climax was.

Because I love how madcap it got. Felt like it morphed into this weird gothic silent movie, I was expecting title cards to pop up.


I have been loving this season of Fargo but I have to give a special shoutout to David Thewlis as VM Varga. His character is uniquely evil and very nuanced. Definitely one of the great villains in the history of television. I would love to see Thewlis get an Emmy for his performance.


David Thewlis is one of my absolutely favourite actors. One more reason to look forward to Fargo… I’m going to get started on this soon.


Owing to my present condition I happen to have a lot of time on my hands for watching TV… just went through the entire new season of House of Cards over the last two days. I enjoyed it, but not as much as previous seasons…it’s pretty claustrophobic and even more Underwood-focused than before. I won’t spoil anything, but I hope the next season will be the last.


The BBC have the best daytime quiz show in Pointless, but they’ve quietly come up with another great one in the form of Impossible. Each episode, 24 contestants answer general knowledge questions that have a right answer, a wrong answer and an “impossible” answer. eg which planet in our solar system is known as “the red planet”? a) Venus b) Mars c) Mondas. Wrong answers (Venus) don’t cost you anything, but giving an impossible answer (in this case Mondas, which not only isn’t the red planet, but isn’t a planet in the solar system) eliminates you from the game.

That’s the main gist of the show and there are other rounds which play around with the same concept well, creating a nice rhythm. What really makes the show work is the host, Rick Edwards, and his interaction with the contestants. He’s very playful, almost teasing some of them, but in an affectionate way. Contestants get ten episodes to attempt to reach the jackpot round, which means you get a nice sea of familiar names and faces across the series and really get a sense of their personality.

This is Impossible’s second series and it’s made small but effective changes from the first. Previously the series was 15 episodes and so kept the same cohort for the whole run (and I think it was larger at 30 people, but I could be wrong on that). Contestants were allowed to stick around until they reached the jackpot round twice as well, which meant you got the same four or five people in the final three most of the time. The stricter turn-over now means you get a few perennial runners-up, but more variety and less dominance by the same few.

Not that I think Pointless is in danger of ending any time soon, but Impossible would be a solid replacement for that golden before the news slot if it ever opened up.


I’m watching Arrival but something’s off with the sound in this movie. Everybody is whispering or mumbling, I have a lot of trouble understanding what the characters are talking about. The intrusive sound effects and music don’t help.


Cheat: Use subs :slight_smile:


I saw that and honestly, I thought it was baaaaaaaad. Like not “fun” bad, just bad bad.

It’s Vin Diesel acting like a young man, or trying to… it’s all trying to be too cool for what it really is and it ends up looking cringy and outdated.

I’m sad to see Vin seems to not be even trying anymore.



Not for me. The genre mashup is what makes it different, and a lot of people like it, but it just never gelled for me.

You can go really surreal and nuts with a fantasy premise or you can treat it deadly seriously, but the middle ground is a bit of a swamp and that where this movie gets stuck.


Colossal was very much for me.

I was only intending to watch the first episode of Hap and Leonard. Now I’ve almost reached the end of the season.

Sarky Omar in a cowboy hat gets the best lines.


Interesting. What hooked you? I have mixed feelings about it.


These are actually mostly from last weekend. It’s been a busy week.

Manchester by the Sea - I’ve been looking forward to seeing this for a while and finally took the opportunity to watch it. I was surprised at just how sad the whole thing was. There was a bit of hope about 2/3 of the way from the end but that kind went away. It was a decent film. It’s possible the hype behind it gave me too high of expectations.

Sense 8, Season 1 - We watched the first few episodes of this. I liked parts of it but not sure if the show is for me. It’s a bit odd and a bit slow especially when trying to establish how the power works. I’m not so sure they should have given so much away in the trailers if it was all meant to be such a big mystery that would be slowly doled out. It is definitely the first time I have ever seen a strap-on used to further the plot. I had strongly considered circling back around once we had watched a couple other shows but am less sure now that it has been canceled. Does the first or second season have a decent ending?

The Expanse, Season 1 - This show lives up to its reputation. My wife is always a bit wary of sci-fi and doesn’t care for anything with aliens. So this one worked. We’ve watched the first few episodes and I like the mostly hard sci-fi trappings. While it’s obvious in some place that it is a TV and not a film, I feel like they spent their effects budget where it counts. Out of curiosity, are the authors practicing Latter Day Saints? There seem to be a lot of LDS reference in the show so far. There is some really great casting. I’m especially glad to see Thomas Jane in such a prominent role. I’m intrigued and will definitely be watching more.