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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


New MST3K: The Christmas that Almost Wasn’t: This film is terrifying. The song about how Santa has never seen a child awake sounds like it could have come out of the BrassEYE Paedogeddeon episode




You really liked it? You gave it an A. Multiples thereof in fact.


The Expanse finale was without a doubt the best episode they’ve done so far.


Finished 13 Reasons Why. I think all the talk about suicide being “glamorized” during the series was thrown out in the finale - seeing Hannah’s reactions to cutting herself and the absolutely heart wrenching moments when her parents find her.



It has problems. That scene has been heavily criticised by mental health groups.

The problem with 13 reasons why is that they completely avoid the word “depression”.


I’m no mental health professional, although I would never argue 13 Reasons Why is the greatest vessel for mental health awareness. But that scene was really effective as a piece of drama for me. Shook me quite a bit.


Same here. A lot of times in drama we see the pre - wrist cutting scenes, or a group of detectives standing over the body post -cutting. Seeing her pain and shock while she did it really stuck out to me and was uncomfortable to watch.

Kate Walsh’s reaction completely made me forget I was watching a show. The range of her performance throughout the series is notable.


It was a strong scene that I couldn’t fully watch.

I agree though that the show needed to be better vetted by mental health professionals because it dealt with a lot of very sensitive topics - suicide and rape . Those are things that don’t need to be used as bait for melodrama, so if you’re going to include them in your narrative, you have to be very conscious of what they represent.


Just caught the season (series?) finale of Trial and Error.
As a 13-part mockumentary that is also a weekly show, I have to say…Netflix could learn a lot from it in terms of creating something designed to be binged but also providing content in each episode.

It was very fun.


Netflix are better at that with their comedies than their dramas.

Bojack Horseman had pacing problems in S1, but S2-3 were very well done. Kimmy Schmidt doesn’t have the problem either, but that was originally made as an NBC show.

Trial & Error was great overall, especially John Lithgow and Jayma Mays. I’d watch a second season, but I don’t really need one. The finale wrapped the story up well.


Yeah, they really did.
It does work as a one-off thing and a second season…I don’t know, would be kinda rote. It’d be nice to see the characters return, but they really covered a lot of bases.

And I loved Dwayne Reed and Summer. That was fun.


I agree it’s a good point. Unless the movie or show is a completely up front soap opera that is clearly only for entertainment, if it claims as part of its appeal that it is really representing the real challenges of real people (not an actual person, but people in general), then it probably should actually look at real cases and the people who deal with them in real life.

However, in general, I think all television is one big show - even the commercials - and most of it is a melodramatic soap opera. I don’t expect much of anything on television or in movies (on any screen in general) to be directly applicable or very useful in understanding real life. I don’t really expect that SEX AND THE CITY would tell you much about sex or the city, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good show. Certainly, 24 has no connection to the real CIA or war on terror, but it is pretty entertaining. 90% of what’s on the screen is set in another reality with superpowers, ghosts and aliens while an increasing amount of real life seems to be about watching the screen.


I’m not entirely sure your point?

Yes, fiction is fiction. Fiction fictionalises real life.

But no one makes comedies about rape; that’s in bad taste. There’s topics that need to be handled with deftness. The Virgin Suicides highlighted the absurdity of suicide; Madame Bovary was about existential crises; the Sorrows of young werther is about obsession.

13 Reasons Why is about, at least partly, about revenge. That’s a serious no no. It’s like making a rape story where you blame the victim.

Look, it’s not a bad show - but it is potentially damaging. Every psychologist alive agrees with me too, evidently.

I’m not saying these things are taboo - great tv and stories have been made about them. But, if that’s the topic you’re making your narrative about, you need to demonstrate understanding of what it means.


True, but you can’t deny that Bill Cobsy became a comedic talking point and the subject of a lot of jokes in shows and stand ups.



I don’t know what this means either.

No, these topics aren’t taboo. But if your choosing that as the central point of your story, respect what it means.


You can make jokes about rape as long as the target is the right one. In the case of Cosby jokes he’s the perpetrator, not the victim.

I don’t think Tim is saying subjects should be taboo but the more sensitive they are the more careful you have to be. Four Lions joked about terrorists but made them the butt of the joke. If they laughed at how fun it is to successfully blow people up I’d be at the front of the queue to criticise.


Cool, yeah that was just my main point of concern there.


I think that was more about poking the powerful (as Cosby was) rather than making rape the joke. So I think that it is a different thing.

I haven’t seen 13 Reasons Why, although I have seen it on Netflix. I don’t think that it’s for me. I have had a bit too much experience with friends who have attempted suicide to be objective. I watched the movie Monsieur Lazhar a while back and that stuck in my head for a long time before I could get rid of it. It is a good and very touching film, but was a difficult watch at the time.


It’s a difficult topic, and anyone with experience who watches 13 Reasons Why will be frustrated by how it’s handled.

That’s not to say the general way the teen angst was handled, some of the messages, or the performances weren’t significant. But there were some poor choices made with regard to a sensitive topic; it goes some ways to redeeming itself by the end, but not fully.