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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Rewatched PACIFIC RIM and liked it a lot more this time.

I still think they should’ve gone for full practical effects. :wink:


I would be quite happy with settling international disagreements in matches between giant robots.


I love Robot Jox! Definitely one of Gordon’s better films.


That looks awesome but in a kitschy Power Rangers kind of way. The mechs look like they were lifted from MechWarrior.


The novelization was actually written by one of the BattleTech writers!


I would be quite happy with settling international disagreements in matches between giant robots.

Robot Jox is due for a comeback for precisely this reason. Make it more a sequel set against a near future post-Cold War/ neo-Cold Wars chaos.


was that the one that had aliens involved in JFK assasination? I remember Jack Ruby getting killed by a facehugger in a jail cell???


Holy Moly that sounds awesome!

No it’s sort of a haunted house movie but with aliens instead of ghosts.

It’s pretty good to be honest.


It was so good.

Except for the episode with Jim Morrison. But that’s because Jim Morrison sucks.


Dark Skies was pretty awesome. Yet another show I liked that should never have been cancelled.


Already happening. :wink:


There was an episode that suggested The Beatles’ Ed Sullivan performance being used to broadcast a mind-control message too IIRC.


I have been asked what my opinion of La La Land was, and, so here goes:

I didn’t post an opinion because I didn’t really have one, to be honest. I loved Chazelle’s previous films, particularly Whiplash, and this was a nice homage to classic Hollywood film-making.

But - I just don’t have any emotional connection with Hollywood. I love stuff like The Player and Tropic Thunder because it satirises it, but this was a real unapolegetic glamourisation of the subject matter, with modern tweaks, and I fully understand why people liked it.

I did like it, but I just didn’t fall head over heels in love with it, like seemingly most everyone else. Stone and Gosling’s chemistry is really, really good - just as good as anyone who has ever appeared together on screen (including Astaire and Rogers) and their Romance has shades of the real, particularly the “Winter” section, (which did connect with me and remind me of a recent romance) - but I just didn’t care too much about either of the main characters life pursuits, which sort of turns the movie on it’s head given the ending. Perhaps that’s the point though: we’re meant to think the sacrifice they make is absurd.

Anyway - it’s a brilliantly put together film with wonderful sequences from the get-go (like the traffic scene) and “City of Stars” is quite a catch rift but I didn’t find any other memorable tunes (including John Legend’s stuff). I liked how effective the film brought modern life into the Hollywood pastiche, but, for me, it’s just not a film that’s any more than the sum of it’s parts.


Now, in contrast, I’m watching the MST3K riff on Starcrash.

My GOD, what a travesty.


I was in tears watching that episode.


It’s like every trope Futurama ever made fun of in one movie!




Jim Morrison is the reason that I failed my Accountancy exam in 5th year in school…or more specifically, I spent too much time at the back of the class talking about the Doors (and the movie The Doors) with a bloke called Simon Moore that I learned exactly no Accountancy.

To this day, when someone starts talking about Double entry book keeping, my mind starts to play “The End”…but I think most people feel that way.


Heh. My entire Hollywood family hates La La Land. The Oscar posts were hilarious!

And the fuck-up at the end was manufactured for ratings.


Gonna ruin your day. My buddy Jim was the Doors’ manager. (Met him in the Eighties, so it was much later, he was managing Joe Cocker and Tower of Power and such at the time.) Spent an afternoon with Robbie Krieger and a couple of the ToP guys (Doc and Mimi) playing tunes and doing evil. Robbie, at the time, was renting high-end sports cars on the weekends. That weekend it just sat in the driveway looking really, really expensive. We had a laugh about the early Doors days. Being canned for playing “The End” was a bigger deal than publicly known. The guys were mighty hungry and mighty low after that. It took real grit to get back on it.