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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


The new tie-in book sets up something that we might see in Season 3, so I hope that’s cool.


Cooper states right away that as FBI, he has jurisdiction but he isn’t a dick about it. He knows he needs the local’s help and is very open and honest with them. He earns their trust quickly. Cooper trusts them and they see that. Cooper also backed Truman over his fellow FBI agent Albert Rosenfield. Again, a refreshing change of pace.

Speaking of Albert, Miguel Ferrer had a true acting gift of playing complete assholes absolutely brilliantly.


Of course, I’m just noting that it’s very enigmatic of Twin Peaks from the start in how trusting they are of Cooper because he’s an FBI agent. They’re charming and trusting in the sense of still holding that tried and true. When Cooper starts doling out his own crazy ideas from the start, they treat it as gospel because they think it’s something above what they know as a small town.

Another good example is the “I had a dream” scene, where they completely believe that Cooper’s dream had the answer and are enraptured by it. Of course we find out later the more metaphysical reasons, but at that point they trust it as a process. Something that comes from the big city, as it were.

All of which is counterpointed by the cynical and dreary Deer Meadows of the prequel movie.


Really excellent article on the Girls finale…said much better than I could.


I don’t want to click on the link as I haven’t seen the finale yet, but that better not be about to say that Desi ruins episodes.


…you’re in for a heartbreak.


The best Desi episode was the one where he went crazy.

That was good.


Will you support my kickstarter for a Desi spin-off?


Only if we can use the title Manbabies


Other religions have their own calendars but in practice he’s right and they have to follow the Christian one. The majority of the people in Malaysia are Muslim and I doubt you could find many people outside clerics that could tell you which year it is on that calendar.


The Get Down ends in an interesting way.

Part 2 episode 4 is really compelling, raises the human drama and more or less completes the character journeys.

Episode 5, has kind of a funny tonal shift because it ties up the central conflict in quite a fun and flamboyant way, before returning to sobering themes. The episode cities series director Bianchi as director but there’s the unmistakable touch of Luhrmann on the big musical sequence.


I think there is also the aspect that they “sense” that they can trust him. The Bookhouse Boys are fighting an unknown evil, in addition to the more mundane. They are a bit more tuned into “the other” so they have a gut feeling about Cooper. He comes in and demonstrates knowledge and competence on the mundane and supernatural. They see him as an authority and a new resource to help them.

All in all, Cooper merges seamlessly with the Sheriff’s Department and the Bookhouse Boys.


Definitely, definitely.

All in all, it’s kinda easy to see why the first season would’ve been so enticing.
The characters and town are all done so likeable. Hope the third season continues on.


Better Call Saul 3.2: Another great episode. As much as I’ve enjoyed the slow-burn of this series, it’s even more exciting to see things start to come to a head (as they do for more than one plot strand in this episode). So many great performances in this episode, and more connections back to Breaking Bad than usual too. Some beautiful photography as well. This show is the best thing on TV at the moment. Every episode ends with me eagerly anticipating the next.


Dark Skies

Because Keri Russel.


I actually enjoyed it. It’s unapologetically a sci-fi version of poltergeist.


Every time I see that I expect it to be the old 90s alien abduction show.


I vaguely remember that. It used to be on late on a Tuesday night.

Was it based in the 60’s, and suggested that Kennedy was killed because he wanted to go public with the truth about extra-terrestrials or did I just imagine that bit?


Maybe you imagined it… or maybe they want you to think you imagined it…


That’s the one. Various episodes had fictionalised versions of 60s political and media personalities show up. Like Babylon 5, the show’s creator had a 5-year plan, but here series 1-4 would each encompass the events of a decade in human/alien history, with the final series being hopefully aired and set in 2000-2001 - but the show was cancelled during series 1.

One particularly gutsy move was that Megan Ward’s character was implanted with an alien parasite and became an antagonist towards the end of the series