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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I think one of the earlier but later films actually had a disclaimer at the start or end of ‘do not try to replicate the stunts you see’, found it hilarious.


13 Reasons Why…
After most of my friends furiously recommending this to me, I’m giving it a shot. 1.5 eps in and I’m enjoying it. Kind of a modern noir feel.


I have two episodes left of 13 Reasons Why. Some bits have been more effective than others. But the core of the story works and it’s very compelling considering how rough the subject matter is.


This makes me want to watch it all over again (for the umpteenth time).

It’s up there with Spinal Tap in the endlessly-rewatchable-comedy pantheon, for me. I think it’s because the performances are all just so good.


Finished up 13 Reasons Why. The last few episodes have some scene that are incredibly difficult to watch (as they’re meant to be). I’m not all the easily affected, but those got to me. As a whole, the series has its ups and downs, but I thought it was mostly well done. The end kind of let me down in that it seems to be setting up for a potential season 2.
Part of the reason I watched it was because it seemed like a surefire one and done thing. And while Hanna’s story is wrapped up, they left a lot dangling. Her parents lawsuit was a huge plot point that doesn’t get much of a resolution. Then there was the relationship between Clay and his mom. He kept promising to tell her the truth, but we get denied that moment, which I think was a poor choice. And, of course, there the set up with Tyler. That was the clear “maybe we’ll do a season 2” thing and I wasn’t a fan.

So in the end it was a show with some genuinely wrenching moments, but I think they should have left at least that last bit out. But that’s just me.


Finally got around to viewing SUICIDE SQUAD last night on one of the premium channels.

Sooooo glad I did not pay to see this. At one point my wife asked what was going on in the action, and I honestly couldn’t tell her.

Can’t wait for the sequel!! :wink:


Girls season finale. I wasn’t expecting these last couple time jumps of the last few episodes so i was a little shocked they went with this approach for the finale. I was more of a fan of the last few more emotional episodes, personally, but looking back I can reall appreciate how Dunham and Co ended the series. Hanna’s entire character growth was well plotted, but thought Marnie deserved more.


Watched last night as well (whilst waiting for Jon Oliver, who wasn’t funny as usual). It’s a bunch of fairly cool scenes and shots hidden in a can of Dinty Moore Beef Stew.


The new episode of Veep is fucking amazing. And Silicon Valley is back next week!


How in f**k did I not know The Leftovers season 3 started last night?

I know Fargo starts this Wednesday.

Looking forward to watching both.


Double Carrie Coon!


Twin Peaks 1.5 - 2.2: I had forgotten how much fun the characters were and what distinct personalities they had. Being on commercial network television really took the edge of Lynch’s style. It was there but a but neutered. It sounds like the Showtime series will be Lynch on television as he was meant to be:

The limited series began filming in September 2015 and was completed by April 2016. It was shot continuously from a single, long-shooting script before being edited into separate episodes. The series will premiere on May 21, 2017, and consist of 18 episodes.

It sounds like he shot an 18 hour movie that will be serialized!

I have really gained a new appreciation for Sheriff Truman. He is the closed thing you have to a normal person in the show. Yet unlike most straight-men characters, he is quite open and progressive. He is the level head that brings balance. He knows there is weird shit and darkness in TP and with the Bookhouse Boys, he fights the good fight. Michael Ontkean just nailed the part and I can’t imagine anyone else in that role.

Major Briggs is another great character. Don S. Davis simultaneously conveyed authority and intelligence with warmth and compassion. The scene where he describes his vision to Bobby is beautiful. Again, perfect casting.

Something else that I have come to notice is that the law enforcement and authority figures in the show are not rigid and dogmatic. They are very open to the weirdness and don’t dismiss it. They don’t waste time arguing and standing firm in their disbelief. They fight the darkness as best they can because they know it exists. There is no doubt. That is so rare to see in a television series, especially back then.


They also open arms to Cooper early on, before they admit the town’s own secrets, mainly due to him being the archetypal government agent in a small town. When Cooper does the “throwing rocks” deductive reasoning scheme, they follow along because they trust in his ability as a government agent that he would know better.
Which is funny and charming in of itself.


Broadchurch finished tonight, for good. It’s been an odd third and final series - it started quite strongly but then fell into a holding pattern of endless red herrings and dead ends before coming back around to solve its big mystery tonight. Which happened very suddenly but conveniently, with all manner of key evidence suddenly falling into place in order to wrap things up neatly within the final hour.

As well as the central mystery, dangling threads from the previous two series have been teased along throughout the series - but honestly, they’ve felt like dead weight as far as the story is concerned. There probably is something to say about long-term grief as seen through the eyes of the parents of a murdered child, but beyond a few trite exchanges and a few clichés, there hasn’t been much to that side of the show.

And in amongst all that there have been loads of little new subplots that haven’t really gone anywhere, as well as quite a few attempts to contextualise the rape that’s at the heart of the story in a wider context of male attitudes to sex and women - some of which have been reasonably subtle, but many of which have been quite clunky and heavy-handed.

So overall, not a great final series.


So what does a read of Broachurch’s entrails augur for Chibnell’s Doc Who run?


Well David Tennant seems to like working with him.


Seriously though, it’s hard to say. The showrunner position on Who is very different to something like Broadchurch where Chibnall writes every script and controls every element of a complicated multi-part story.


I love Sheriff Truman too, for all the reasons you described. I read that he isn’t coming back though, as Ontkean retired from acting, which is a bummer.


The vast majority of the world does though. I liked that calendar bit.

I don’t recall which is my fave; there’s one where he talks about looking a mess and tricking a guy who lives in his building into asking the doorman/security to make him leave.

And it ends with the “Of course… but maybe” bit which is great.


He retired to Hawaii so I can’t fault him too much. :wink: