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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


If you’re not watching this;

… you’re doing it wrong.


I finally saw the new Beauty and the Beast today. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. It walked a very difficult line between remaking the animated version and adding something of its own, and I thought pretty much all of its embellishments worked very well.

There were some good new gags, some nice new lyrics in some of the songs which worked well, and some interesting backstory given to several of the characters that wasn’t in the animated version.

The whole production looked great too - like Cinderella (the only other of these live-action remakes that I’ve seen) the costumes and sets looked brilliant, and there was a nice old-fashioned quality to the big crowd scenes with their hordes of extras.

The Beast looked very good as well - you couldn’t tell where the costume and practical effects ended and the cgi began.

The only real weak spot was Watson, who was pretty flat throughout. Everyone else did really well, including Evans, who I wasn’t sold on before seeing it.


I got back to The Exorcist tv show, after a couple months of it being on the planner, purely because of limited time.

There was the potential for this to be a bit of disaster, given how massive the original movie is, however they’ve done a great job and thankfully it is not just a retread of the movie, 5 times as long, like Some these tv shows based on films can be.
There’s been tension and surprises and I’m really invested in the characters.

I’m actually enjoying it more than Outcast, which although has a great cast and I want to enjoy it very much, it’s quite repetitive and I find it boring at times.
It’s also scarier. Nothing terrifying really, but I have felt uneasy these last few epsiodes, especially watching alone late at night.

Nowhere near as terrifying as the movie though, I didn’t feel right for days after watching that.


I enjoyed some bits I guess, but other bits were bad. The part about how Christians “won” because the whle world follows the Christian calendar is just stupid, because it’s wrong. Muslims follow another calender, starting from Muhammed’s time.


I think my favorite Louis CK comedy special might be the one from 2015, Live at the Comedy Store. Some of the bits in that were absolutely brilliant. The “everybody dies” bit, the rat fuck bit and the Batman bit were some of my favorite comedy ever.

Overall, Louis CK is still one of my all time favorites despite my disappointment with his last special. Together with Carlin, Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr and Doug Stanhope.


This straight to streaming movie on NETFLIX is surprisingly entertaining. I expected bad acting, story and production values and got exactly the opposite. I’d put it alongside TRICK 'R TREAT and KRAMPUS, actually.

Great twist at the end.


I didn’t like it nearly as much as you seem to have but yeah the twist ending was great.


New drinking game I thought of while watching Justified. Take a shot every time somone says “Well, I didn’t think this fell under the Marshall’s purview!”


I’m watching the Girls behind-the-scenes retrospective thing they put up for the finale. I’ll miss this show.


Sandy Wexler…really makes The Do-Over and The Ridiculous Six look really good in comparison.
Cause, wow, it’s not unwatchable…it’s just badly done in almost every way and overly long.


It took you 2 days to watch?


Well, I stopped 20 minutes in, watched all of Trial and Error Season 1 available now, 2 episodes of the new MST3K season, and the Louis CK 2017 special.


The Fast and the Furious 8, with @Sanjay, @steveuk and Carlos.

I’ve only ever seen two of these films before.

It was very very silly.


You know, there’s nothing stopping the next series of new MST3K from making fun of an Adam Sandler Netflix movie…


You’ve just summarised the main selling point in five words.


That’d be a weird experience.

I don’t hate the new MST3K, but it’s a lot of riffs and only a third land.


I watched Episodes 1.1 - 1.4 of Twin Peaks last night. I haven’t watched it since it first aired yet so much came right back to me like I just saw it a week ago. I forgot how fun the characters were. While it does pop up here and there, it does lack Lynch’s overall feel. I attribute that to being on network television and the times. I’m always amazed that it aired in the first place.


The score always amazes me on rewatches.

It’s what makes the show just a commentary on soaps, into something that can be seen as a reflection on soaps. The way the instruments flow into the teary eyed looks people give eachother…it’s hilarious while also being effective.


So started on the Taken TV series a couple of days back.

Ep 4 really took it up a notch for Bryan ‘Special Skills’ Mills. By the end of the episode the tally of dead bad guys by his hand was 7-8 with a very varied set of methods: Falling, electrocution, shooting, setting on fire - oh yeah, quite the array of disposals of a bunch of total scumbags.

EDIT: We also watched Rock of Ages yesterday. Standard musical plot but with some damn good tunes and excellent casting. Script had some sharp one-liners too like this exchange:

“I’m a stripper”
“I’m in a boy band”
“You win.”


‘Fast and Furious 8’ is right on the edge of self parody. Again. I think most of those involved know how silly it all is but Vin can’t bring himself to send it up yet, and especially not Dom.

I don’t think it’s just ego, I suspect he’s concerned that if he allows Dom to be the butt of a single joke then the whole house of cards will collapse.

Someone has to be taking it all seriously, no matter how ridiculous the individual events become and so Dom acts as an anchor for everything else.

Regarding this film; well if you’ve seen the trailer you have seen how insane some of it gets. There’s plenty more though, so don’t think you’ve seen it all yet.

You really haven’t!

An insurance company added up the costs of the damage done in the series;

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