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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


But did you enjoy it?


I couldn’t disagree more with that. I think it’s the best series on Netflix and I find it more engaging on an episode by epsiode basis than Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad was awesome, but it was flawed - I think Gilligan has improved and we are seeing the results of that with Better Call Saul.

He’s added so much depth to the character, which was missing during BB.


I think enjoyed is the wrong word. But I was gripped and surprised by the end and Michael Smiley was terrific.
I imagine that seeing this in the cinema and knowing nothing beforehand would have been quite the experience.


Yeah it’s a great mindfuck.

Smiley is amazing. Maskell is as well.

It’s an utter travesty he never got the Cassidy role in Preacher - he was made for it.

A you given A Field In England a go yet?

It’s a hard watch but it contains one of the greatest scenes I’ve ever watched in any movie; just a surreal blend of terrific acting, editing and use of music in the 2 mins or so. It still blows my mind.

Overall though, it’s requires an open mind but I do recommend it. I found it really scary.


I’m watching La La Land on digital

I don’t understand this new trend of releasing films on the digital market two weeks before the physical release. Surely that just makes it easier to pirate?

EDIT: Actually no, now that I think about it, it may be an effective tool to combat piracy.


‘Kill List’ is an hallucination of a film. The way I took it was the character is going out of his mind but you can also take it literally, that everything really happens.

Strange movie whichever way you watch it.


I watched the season (and probably series) finale of The Blacklist: Redemption last night.

Wow, was this show ever a mess. If you had been paying attention even the slightest throughout the season, you knew how major arc was going to go in the finale. The season long arc had plot holes and was generally poorly written. The finale really made you notice them. You had good actors but they really weren’t given much to work with. The season ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. I doubt BLR will get renewed so it will probably have to be resolved on the main show…

…which may be problematic as The Blacklist is considered a “bubble show”. It has not been doing well in the ratings and there is a chance it may not be renewed. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to wrap up the BLR plot in a BL episode before the end of the season.

All in all, BLR was a very disappointing experience.


I quite like the Get Down but I can’t help but feel if Jayden Smith isn’t really acting too hard to be his character.


I haven’t started watching the second half yet but I agree with you. The crazy thing is, I actually really like him in The Get Down. His idiosyncrasies fit.


Part 2 uses him much less, and I wonder if there’s behind the scenes reasons for that.


Hmm. Interesting. I assume the focus would have to pull more on the two main characters anyway but if he’s being used that much less.



I don’t want to spoil it. But they go so far as to expand on his storyline in animation and then a few other plot devices are employed.


I’m two or three episodes in and honestly, if it wasn’t on in the Blacklist’s timeslot at the moment, I probably wouldn’t be bothering with it. I hope the guy playing Tom gets a better vehicle for himself off the back of this though.


Ah, OK. I’ll try to watch it soon. I really enjoyed the first half.


I was not familiar with Ryan Eggold prior to Blacklist but he has been a definite asset to the series.


Watching Sandy Wexler. 10 minutes in and Netflix reminds me that Pauly Shore is alive.

I didn’t know this movie was over 2 hours.


Been watching the new MST3K today. Episode 3, The Time Travellers is an awful movie, but time travel aside, there’s all this accurate science. It’s frustrating. But the riffing is quite funny.


Well, I suppose somebody has to.


Stopped 20 minutes in.
Now I’m binging Trial and Error.

It’s actually really funny.


It’s hard for me to commit to television series, but I have enjoyed SHETLAND, the BBC detective series set and shot, I suppose, in the bleak but scenic Shetland Islands of Scotland. The show is similar to Wallander, but adheres far more closely to the usual murder mystery format and is much softer edged with real sympathy for the characters. I like that it hasn’t, so far, gone for monstrous villains or serial killers and, in fact, subtly suggests that people would prefer killers all be insane monster loners than face the fact most people are killed by people they know and anyone can be a killer. It is unusual, but so far all the killers have turned out to be women in the stories.