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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Cabin in the Woods.

It’s great.


I liked the Chelsea Peretti one, apart from all the bits of surrealism thrown in (like she sees a dog or something in the crowd at one point?). I suspect that’s part of the stylistic divide between British and American comedy though, where Americans gild the lily with scripted bits around just doing stand-up. Eddie Izzard fell into doing that a bit when he got big in America.


Yeah the Perretti one did have those weird bits. I think they’re meant to be deprecating insights into her anxiety.

The Kevin Hart one is worth - it starts with a 20 minute James Bond rip-off which is hopelessly unfunny.


Does the Patton Oswalt one have his hallmark of him ruining his show with an unfunny 30 minute political interlude?

Because he’s done that in most of the stand-up specials I’ve seen of his so far.


It actually won an award but I didn’t think it was so funny. No politics iirc.


I mean, I’ve liked his stand ups…up until that point where he does that.
It’s like clockwork.
No, Patton, Obama/Biden isn’t like Lethal Weapon, stop doing awful impressions about how it’s like it.

But good to hear.


So, so good.

I should rewatch it as long as it’s on the netflix.




Arer Netflix still ruining the aspect ratios of their movies? Or is that problem mostly sorted now?


They’re running native.

I watched Freaks and Geeks earlier and it was in 4:3


Speaking of Netflix, you know how they changed their rating system?

My brother had given the new Schumer stand up 1 star. A few days later the change happened, now they’re doing this “Like/Unlike” thing and says they give him a 97% Like Probability for the stand up.

It’s ridiculous.


We are about 5 hours in and no links at all so far.
At first I thought the outgoing CTU director was from the last series, but then I realised it is the same actress that played Allison Carr in the last season of homeland - counter terrorist shows must be her thing I guess :blush:


‘Get Out’ is a well made little film.

It’s a hit (at least partly) because it tackles some big issues in modern culture, but it’s not just an issue film. Quite rightly it sets out to entertain you first (and it succeeds very well) as a smart, economically paced and often stylish thriller.

Jordan Peele should have a terrific directing career ahead of him.


I just saw Kill List.
It messed my head up.


I didn’t like Better Call Saul at all. It’s weird how they made a character that was so much fun in Breaking Bad so boring here.

That and almost nothing happens, and the different storylines just seem to muddle on repetitively without interacting.


And the Louis CK standup on Netflix was sucky.


My friend said that movie fucked with him for weeks after. I’ve been too scared to watch it.


I though it was the best he’s had since Chewed Up. It hurt to laugh by the end.


Expanse filled a bottle of Saint Germaine with Scotch and said it was from the past because… future?


There is a lot that happens separately, but the storylines often run along parallel tracks and have a lot of elements in common, even if they don’t literally cross paths.

I can see why BCS wouldn’t be for everyone though. It is a very slow-burn story that is a lot more interested in exploring the characters than Breaking Bad, where there was a lot more drama and incident. BCS does have that, but the ‘big’ moments are more few and far between.