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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Is that satirical, or just a realistic depiction of someone of that age group in that environment?


it’s both, I think. Her character is basically her turned up to 11. She does come across much more tolerable in the extra footage and behind the scenes clips where her and Apatow discuss how the episodes were made.


Which I think is basically the crux of it.

Her character is obviously an exaggerated version of a millenial with her own personality at it’s core, but sometimes the personal causes she advocates for in public come across as the equvalent of the kid at university who talks a lot about things they clearly have no experience with. I think there’s more of a bleed across between her public persona and her television character then for most actors.

It’s fine. I quite like the show, but I fully understand the criticisms of Dunham.


Tim, are you caught up on the show? curious as to your thoughts on the last two eps.


No, I’m not actually - I’ve only caught a handful of episodes this season, despite it being clearly one of the better seasons.

I’ve seen the first 4, and then skipped a few, and saw episode 8, I think, which is the one where Adam decides to get back with Hannah and Jessa goes and sleeps with a random .

Despite my above posts, I do think it’s a valuable and interesting show. The “American Bitch” episode, despite being peculiar for a lot of reasons, was one of the best episodes of television I’ve seen in a while.


You didn’t miss much. There’s a Marnie-centric episode in there that doesn’t really propel anything. Other than propel my attaction to Alison Williams.


I do like Alison Williams.


But Marnie means Desi! I love that dirtbag.


Desi also loves that dirtbag Desi.


stand up Comedies on Netflix that are terrible:

Amy Schumer - The Leather Special
Kevin Hart - What now?
The Characters

Comedies on Netflix that are just kind of boring
Bill Burr- Something
Anthony Jeselnik - something else
Colin Quinn - something about new york

Comedies on Netflix that are okay.
Dave Chappelle - The Collection
Louis CK - 2017
Marc Maron - Thinky Pain
John Mulaney - Comeback Kid
Patton OSwalt - Talking is for Clapping
Ali Wong - Baby Cobra

Comedies on Netflix that are good and/or funny
Neil Brennan - 3 Mikes
Eliza - Confirmed Kills
Katherine Ryan - In Trouble
Mike Biribigilia - Thank God for Jokes
Chelsea Peretti - One of the greats
Jim Jeffries - Bare


I’d throw Joe Rogan’s in the “terrible” pile. I am a fan of his podcast and his overall perspective and worldview, but his stand up is incredibly juvenile.


There’s some stuff I’ve avoided because I’m sure I just wouldnt like it. Rogan’s in that pile. So is any of the Gabriel Inglasias “Fluffy” stuff, Ralphie May and Larry the Cable Guy/Jeff Foxworthy.

I quite like putting on some stand-up in the background, but, admittedly, alot of the stuff that gets turned into a tv special just doesn’t have the same impact as a live performance. Kevin Hart’s act was evidently alot of fun that the crowd got into, but I just didn’t think it was very funny watching it divorced from that.

There’s a couple of other things I should have mentioned. Dana Carvey’s was pretty fun and Hannibal Burress can be intetersing but can also fall flat. David Cross was okay and both Anjealah Johnson and Zach Galifianakis were crap.


I would put Ali Wong in the ‘good’ pile. I really enjoyed Baby Cobra.


It was one of the better ones, I’ll admit. Approved.


We’ve been watching mostly 24 legacy and designated survivor this week and last.
Both, objectively, terrible, but I’ve been enjoying them both despite that.


I’ve not watched 24: Legacy yet, although I was a fan of the old show. Is there much tying it back to the old series or is it a clean reboot? I heard Tony was likely to show up at some point.


Finally saw Get Out last night and loved it. One of those films where the whole audience were audibly reacting to what was on screen and no one minded.


Isn’t there any Dylan Moran on Netflix? Man’s a genius.


I assume @TMasters was specificially talking about the Netflix-produced specials, because other Garfunkel and Oates: Trying to be Special would be marked as incandescently perfect. Right Tim, right?


I went to see him on my 40th Birthday.

If that video is from Vicar Street in Dublin, I am probably in the audience somewhere.