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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Somewhat annoyingly, “Hunt for the wilderpeople” is no longer on my Netflix.


No, the other way around. :slight_smile:


13 Reasons Why redeems some initial missteps.


Sorry Tim.

It is worth checking out if you have the opportunity to see it again in the future. It veers between being achingly funny and genuinely heartfelt. Sam Neill is brilliant in it.


For those who enjoyed Big Little Lies:


I’ve gone from hate-watching Girls to being genuinely excited/sad to watch the series finale next year. Kudos to Apatow, Dunham, and Konner for converting this dumb guy.


Better Call Saul season three started well, picking up right where season two left off. I’d forgotten what a slow-burn this show was, but I’m still enjoying where it’s going and what it’s doing with its characters. There’s some subtle stuff here that would be signposted a lot more obviously in other shows.

Also, I loved the largely ‘silent’ sequence towards the end that told a relatively complex story with a minimum of dialogue. Nicely done.


For fans of Girls:


Fast & Furious 8 is one of the stupidest movies I’ve ever seen, but a lot of fun.

There’s some problems (Elsa Pataky is brought back from the fifth movie just so she can be fridged, and it never makes sense that Dom just doesn’t tell Letty what’s going on), but most are things you’d expect from the franchise.

It’s not the best of the franchise, and I rolled my eyes a whole lot at times, but I’m glad I saw it.


We don’t get the commentary here but I’m really going to miss this show. It’s a shame that it doesn’t get much appreciation, and that so many people have such visceral hatred for Dunham.


To be fair to visceral hatred, Dunham says a lot of stupid shit.


She really, really, does.
Never seen the show, so I won’t comment on it.

But Dunham does come off as pretty diresome.


I haven’t watched the show, but it’s hard to avoid all the stupid she says. The series might be smart, but I think Dunham has done a lot of damage.


Watching the show can sometimes make it worse because it’s a fine line between ironic send-up of a millenial and earnest denouncement of cultural norms. Her message can be a bit confused, I think.


That’s why I’ve never seen it.
Makes me wonder if there are things in the show that she might not mean to be satire.

And I’d rather something more light.


There are - it is often clear what’s satirical and what’s not; but in the same token it’s frequently not clear too; and I don’t think that ambiguity is evidences any particular cleverness on her part; I just think she’s not really sure what she wants to say sometimes.


The young women I know absolutely HATE Lena Dunham.


Yes, but they’re texan :wink:


I haven’t really had any big issues with any of the “controversial” things she’s said.

The series is smart and thoughtful and touching and funny; they’re realistically complicated characters the likes of which I’ve not seen onscreen before.


The series has redeeming qualities. It is okay, sometimes very good, sometimes not.

Dunham herself is almost autistic in terms of tact and social grace; and she advocates a position for a feministic response while often demonstrating no real understanding of the topics she’s talking about; like prostitution and sexual abuse.

When I say, and I think most people say, there’s a fine line between satirical and real for her; it’s because the character she plays is a priveleged white girl who often takes on moral causes and beliefs because she’s finding her identity, not through any genuine advocacy, and I think, often, she’s demonstrated that her real self isn’t too far from that portrayal either.