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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season



Again, what part of “alive” is so difficult to understand?


You see that black capsule? You eat that black capsule!

Then talk to me about “dead or alive”!

As if one could tell.


OK, they were a new romantic band in the early 80s, most famous for the 1985 song You Spin me Round (Like a Record). Their lead singer, Pete Burns got famous again in 2006 when he appeared on the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother. He died last year.


I found the same thing with Lost. I absolutely loved watching it the first time. I was really hooked. Tried watching again more recently and really struggled with it, so switched off. I was quite gutted about it really.
Perhaps the fact that its full of twists and turns means its non recyclable, as there’s no more surprises?



I’m 2 episodes into The Get Down Part 2, and it’s great. The balance between the harsh street-level story, the stylised animation and the OTT musical scenes is weird but it works. the dance-off between Shao and Cadillac Caldwell in episode 2 was awesome.



Hey! Give me back my soul, wizard-man!


I love the file name of that image


This channel is effin great, btw.


Girls, Season 6, ep 8.
The commentary after the episode is really spot on…highlighting how crazy Huge Adam Driver has gotten since TFA, and getting into the subtext with the Jessa bar- hook up scene.

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I really think this season is a high point for the whole series - production-wise and thematically.


‘Assassin’s Creed’

Well… ok so it doesn’t work, but you probably knew that already. The main reason is the same one that hurt the first ‘Tomb Raider’ movie, from which it lifts various bits of it’s plot.

It needs to give it’s hero some weight, so there’s some family tragedy and unresolved daddy issues, then it needs some villains, so we have the Knight’s Templar rather than the Illuminati. They’re after a mystical artefact but exactly what it does or where it came from is glossed over and the film just tries to use it as a McGuffin to propel the story.

And that’s a problem because all of these film are made in the shadow of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and the Ark is a lot more than a McGuffin. It has agency, it actually (and famously) influences the plot directly. The same is true of The One Ring in ‘Lord of the Rings’. The object is more than just an object.

You can build a spy thriller around a list of names or the plans for a weapon and the story doesn’t need any more detail about it than that, but when you’re bigging up the POWER of something then we need to see that power and it needs to make sense in the context of the story and it’s world.

Leaving all that aside though, the film is also overly complicated and a bit of a slog. There are only a couple of twists or surprises, mostly the film just plods through it’s story, being flashy and blowing stuff up. The action is ok, with some cool moments and it looks good, if a bit old fashioned now; like early 2000’s Tony Scott.

And it’s really dour, a few jokes please? For a bit of scifi/mystical nonsense it takes itself really bloody seriously!

So, another game adaption that’s a lot less fun than playing the game. Unfortunately.


Rewatching This Is Spinal Tap now as an adult (I think the last time I watched it was when I was 16)…Holy Jesus this is hilarious. I’m loving that in “Big Bottom”, all members are playing basses - no guitars. And the line “The looser the waist band, the deeper the quicksand…or so I have read”.


That is the film I have watched the most times of any. You find some extra little funny bit on almost every viewing.


It’s well worth checking out the extras on the DVD too. There’s virtually an entire movie’s worth of unused material (either additions to what was in the original film or brand new scenes altogether), and the in-character commentary is also hilarious.


I agree (I have bought this film about 4 times for every new version they’ve done, meaning I have spent more on it than the $80 or so that the team that made it have received in royalties - yes I am backing Harry Shearer in his lawsuit). :smile:


I still haven’t got the Blu-Ray yet, although I plan to at some point.


So you’re saying it “knows” his wrath in the Biblical sense?


I watched a couple of episodes of The Man From U.N.C.L.E., the first time I’ve seen it since I was a kid. It’s… not as great as I though it was.

The main thing that strikes me is how incompetent Solo and Kuryakin are. The only reason they ever succeed is because the villains’ henchmen are even more incompetent.

It’s saved by the fact they they clearly don’t take the show too seriously, so it managed to be entertaining even while still kind of bad.


Also… The brother from Better Call Saul is the lead singer?! I feel like I’m learning to see.