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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


He should be. The Fremen will kill him for all that water. :wink:


They could try.


Yes, it’s one of my all-time favorite stories in any medium. But be warned, after Lynch and Frost become less involved in season 2 the quality takes a serious drive, but the final episode has Lynch/Frost returning and it’s one of the series’ best. The movie prequel (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me) that follows Laura’s last days is also very good, and ten times scarier than the show is.

I can’t freaking wait for the Showtime continuation next month.

EDIT: And even though there is that drop in quality in season 2, there are a number of great episodes in there and the payoff to the mystery is better than I could have asked for. I typically judge things by their highs and Twin Peaks’s highs aren’t just great, they offer things I’ve never seen anywhere else (except other Lynch films). Giving me something new, things that still feel new over 25 years later, more than makes up for its weaker moments, imo.


Finished Better Call Saul season 2 yesterday.
It’s amazing how what could have been a throwaway character in a lesser show has evolved to something way more nuanced than Walter White could have been. Odenkirk deserves all the awards.


LAST SHIFT is an effective low budget horror movie on Netflix. Loses points for a few too many jump scares that ruin the essential psychological dread it builds up to. Also relies on a lot of suspension of disbelief.

But worth watching for people hungry for good horror movies.


I liked Last Shift. Funny enough, it was very similar to the horror film I made, right down to the ending, in terms of the supernatural element and how it effected the lead.


Watching Wild at Heart. The first time I saw it (about 6 years ago) I mostly hated it. Then I rewatched it last year and mostly liked it (and loved the Sailor and Lula parts). But now I’m thoroughly loving it, aside from the fact that it takes quite a while before it really gets started.

The first time I saw it I think I struggled with what it’s about. It seemed like it wasn’t about anything, and the sex seemed really gratuitous and pointless. But now I can see that Sailor and Lula’s healthy expression of love and sex is integral to the story because it’s contrasted with the possessive and violent (often misogynistically violent) forces around them. The heart of the story is a simple one–true love gives us the strength to go on in a cruel and violent world–but David Lynch’s depiction of love is uncharacteristically complex and healthy for this type of story. And that Lula is just as (maybe even more) enthusiastic about sex than Sailor is, is in itself pretty radical, and not something we see in media often even now, 27 years later.


Katherine Ryan’s was good, I’ll second that

However I disagree on Tim’s evaluation of Chappelle, I enjoyed it a lot.


I was a fan years ago, but upon rewatching it recently I’ve found Twin Peaks to be a hard slog.


Watching the first episode of the new Outcast season and I feel it’s just treading water again. Halfway thru and I’m on my phone, it’s not holding my attention at all.


It’s odd that it’s airing in the UK before the US.


I didn’t know that - yeah that’s weird…ep2 tomorrow night
I hope it either gets less relative or my attention span improves


I watched it last night and really enjoyed it. Her material is good but it’s the performance that makes it. She’s just an inherently very funny person.


I haven’t watched this in such a long time… I’ve always been a huge fan of that movie. When I was like 18 or so, a friend and me were always obsessively quoting it.


It’s an effective way to tell a story when you have limited resources. Reminded me of OCULUS too, of course.


Finally got around to watching fantastic beasts.
Overall i was thoroughly unimpressed.
Pretty dull still story, very unengaging and unenigmatic leads, and for a film about magical creatures even most of those were fairly unoriginal and uninteresting.


So, tell me, how does anyone actually watch The Blacklist as a weekly, one episode at a time, likely overladen with commercial breaks experience?

I ask because in the space of two weekends Sandie and I have gone through two episodes of S2 and another 16 of S3!

This series is designed with the box set DVD in mind, weekly viewers? Screw 'em.

Anyway, we’re now at an appropriate stop point until we acquire the S4 DVDs, at which point the remaining seven eps of S3 get blitzed and it’ll be onto the new series.


I just saw Get Out again, which really works as a second-time experience. The story only makes more sense the more that I think about it, which may sound glib, but is actually pretty high praise. No need to try for a no-prize here.


It’s been literally decades since I last watched Wild at Heart. I need to do that again.


She was on Jack Dee’s Helpdesk last week (which seemed to be just one random, non-topical episode for some reason) and did a great Olive Oyl style airhead voice bit and I normally hate those.