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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I plan to blame Trump for everything.

It feels like the right thing to do.


You must feel so lucky now that there’s someone to take the blame off of your shoulders. :wink:


As an American, I don’t have to accept responsibility for my own actions. :smile:


This week’s Expanse was a good one, and a very interesting way to play around with the story of Caliban’s War. While much of the episode was original material, it’s effectively dashed through the whole plot about Holden getting depressed and agitated due to the work the Roci crew was doing for Fred, and it leading to him and Naomi temporary splitting up. They’ve changed Prax’s plot a little bit, but it looks to be to speed up his meeting the Roci crew (He doesn’t leave Ganymede as a refugee in the book), but the actor playing him is really good, and does a great job of mixing his twin focuses of his work and his daughter, but that he retains a sense of human decency as well.

They’re also seeding details from future novels, which is very cool (and seriously, don’t click this one if you haven’t read Nemesis Games or you don’t want to be majorly spoiled) Naomi was clearly lying through her teeth when she said she never had kids


I’ve got to say, so far Naomi and Holden’s relationship is the one thing in the show that isn’t working for me. It feels both unearned and an afterthought. Which is regrettable since their relationship is one of the things I like best in the books.


I’ll admit I went awwwww when they said they loved each other, but a lot of that is having the context of the books to hang events on. Steven Strait isn’t the best at convincing line readings, even though he’s fantastic at expressions. And that is a weakness when he’s one of the show’s two main leads post-Thomas Jane. With pretty much everything in the show, I like parts of what they’ve done better than the books and other parts less so


Did you give him a cuddle and say “I will love you forever and ever and ever you fluffy little muffin-pup”



:slight_smile: You’ve captured my voice almost exactly. It was like petting a cloud. He was only a wee pup.


I think the first and second films are definitely worth watching (the second is a more perfect film, but doesn’t really work as well without knowledge of the first).

The book was largely trash so this is a case where adapting to improve upon something makes sense.


I saw Beauty and the Beast with Christel, her sister and nephew.

The VFX were not good. There were too many times you could tell they were on a set surrounded by green screens. Things got really bad any time a real person had to interact with something CGI.

As to the story and performances, I can’t really say. I went into the movie thinking of it as a prequel to the TV series Legion. (They both star Dan Stevens.) That POV worked a little too well. Once you see the movie that way, you can’t unsee it.


Is it arguable that every TV Show or movie with Dan Stevens (from Downtown Abbey to The Guest) could be seen as a prequel to Legion?


I mean, every Dan Stevens appearance ever could tie into Legion really


I can’t speak for other Dan Steven work but there are so many little things in Beauty and the Beast that make it work as a prequel to Legion.


I still haven’t watched Legion (yet). Is it also a tale as old as time?



No I would day no.


Well, it would be if you told the tale tripping balls on peyote.


What kind of refreshments do they serve at your cinema, Todd or did you bring your own snacks last night?


I watched the latest batch of Amazon Pilots:

The Marvellous Ms. Maisel: New Amy Sherman-Palladino show, about a Jewish housewife in the 1950s who becomes a stand-up comedian.

The pilot’s too long and takes a while to get to where it’s going, but the last twenty minutes or so, once they actually get to what the show is about, are very good. I’d watch more.

Legend of Master Legend: John Hawkes plays a “real-life superhero,” based on this Rolling Stone article:

I like Hawkes, and some of the other cast, but it didn’t really click for me.

The New V.I.P.'s: Animated show from the creators of The Life & Times of Tim, starring Matt Braunger and Ben Schwartz. I never watched that show, but I enjoyed this pilot enough to maybe check it out. It’s very dumb, and very vulgar, but I laughed a lot.

Budding Prospects: Adam Rose, Will Sasso, and Joel David Moore play losers in 1983 who move to the country to grow weed. Brett Gelman plays the same creepy weirdo he plays in everything.

This doesn’t even feel like a full pilot: the synopsis reads

but the pilot ends before they get to the cabin.

It’s produced and directed by Terry Zwigoff, who I mostly like, but the entire pilot is setup, and I never laughed. I might watch more if it’s picked up, but I’ll be fine if it’s not.

Oasis: Loosely based on The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber, starring GoT’s Richard Madden, Anil Kapoor, Haley Joel Osment (now with big bushy beard), and Zawe Ashton (now with an American accent for some reason), about Earth’s first space colony.

Again, a bit too much setup, and probably too long, but I liked it. I’d watch more.


There was a new Rich Hall documentary on BBC4 this evening, about country music. I had no idea, but it’s being repeated at 1am and will be on iPlayer etc. Hall’s documentaries are usually excellent, so I have high hopes for this, despite no interest in country music.


Oh damn, I still haven’t read Book of Strange New Things. Someone recommended it here ages ago! The show sounds interesting though, I’ll definitely take a look at this one.

The Legend of Master Legend feels like it comes a bit late, after we’ve had movies like Defendor and Super. But I do like John Hawke. So that’s a maybe.