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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I only got halfway through the third but that definitely seemed faster and fuller than the second.


Watched Moana last night and was sadly disappointed by it. It’s only saving grace is The Rock, who’s charisma and magnetism carry through even in animation. Otherwise I found it pretty dull with forgettable songs (again other than the Rocks) and a twist ending that doesn’t make any sense.


No the second was maybe the worst with the lengthy stay at the farm with nothing happening. As much as I like certain aspects of the new freedom afforded to TV shows they need, like comics to be honest, to remember that you need some hook each episode to keep people engaged.


I liked the Farm - mostly because of Shane.

The show should have ended when the Governor died - but it lumbered on…


So haven’t been watching much, but while I’m on vacation here in Bali I’ve gotten to see Indonesian censorship, and it’s pretty intense. 300 was playing in the hotel tv the other day, and anything remotely sexual and female was either cut out entirely or at least blurred in the case of Lena headeys cleavage, and almost all violence had the strikes edited out, leaving just reactions to implied violence. Which just begs the question, why bother with 300 at all?


Because even with all that, it’s still more realistic than pro wrestling?


Lol, I doubt that’s much of a consideration on indonesias HBO!

But seriously, it cuts out almost everything people came to the movie to see except for the pecs, which ends up making it even more homoerotic than usual (or at least less violently homoerotic!)


Maybe they’re watching it for all homoeroticism, all the time?


That kind of thing is the default across much of Asia. It’s not even directly to do with religion, sexuality is cut out. When I was in Hindu dominated India they didn’t care about any violence or bad language on HBO, kissing was a bit much.


Which I’m quite familiar with, but removing kicks, sword strikes etc? I found that pretty surprising. Even the part in the beginning with young Leonids cut out the silhouette of him spearing the wolf!


Fair enough, I missed that bit, it is not the norm.


The raid? Hell, I have never seen The Wire…


Oh, you definitely need to watch The Wire in order to fully understand The Raid.






Boo! :wink:


To be fair I know I’m in the minority with this opinion but it just didn’t connect for me. Everyone I’ve talked to loved it but I kept waiting for it to get good and it never did. It came alive for the first time once the Rock showed up but he wasn’t enough to save it for me.


That’s fair. Not everything is for everyone.


What’s the matter? You don’t mean to say you haven’t seen the Godfather movies!!??! :astonished:


Another fantastic episode of Inside No 9 this week, after what I though was a bit of a dud last week.

Talking something a silly as a lost shoe, and spinning it into this kind of character piece, is really impressive to watch.