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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Bits of it have some potential. I’ll watch some more later. It all got a bit too mean and nasty in that first episode.


It’s a weird film. Objectively I can see that it’s pretty terrible, but I still loved it. Not in an ironic “so bad it’s good” way, but genuinely loved it enough to not care about the flaws.


It doesn’t get any less nasty. I didn’t like it at all.

And Dirk is far too nice and sincere.


I liked the doggie. I’d put the doggie on the graph.


I felt it was a nice little sci-fi romp.
But yeah it’s pretty terrible Dirk Gently.


If you were, you’d be like this guy.


Based on my daughter’s recommendation, we watched the first three episodes of Legion yesterday. So far I’m impressed by the quality of the acting and production, but I expected more…something. I guess I’ll watch the rest of the season to see what kind of payoff we get.


I wish I could edit your post to something a bit more along the lines of


As always, Tom’s analysis is spot on.

And no, I am not being ironic. Maybe with the first half of the above sentence.


You need to work on your insults, Ronnie :smiley:


Wow, that got creepy quick. Just to be clear (and I think the film is pretty crystal on this one), David Wooderson is not a role model to be celebrated.


All right. All right. All right. :wink:


Watching “Arrival” and by far the most unnerving aspect is these damn sirens.


I don’t have to say that An American Werewolf in London is just really goddamn entertaining.
But every time I watch it, which is not often, I remember that American Werewolf in Paris exists, and I feel compelled to remember if it is that bad…so, good luck if I die in the attempt.


Ah. Ingraine. May seem crazy, but in the light of Trump’s comments about Ivanka and Putin’s daughter’s gymnastics, it’s just a bit more of that really creepy variety of filial affection.


Catching up with the first episode of How Did You Get So Rich? Katherine Ryan is a great choice of host for it. The people who created Poundland are surprisingly lovely too.


I don’t know what to watch tonight.
Man of Steel or The Raid?


That there sounds like a conundrum.


Man of Steel always. :wink:


Have you ever seen The Raid, Ronnie?