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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Don’t you get all Malware X on me.


:scream: You use the M word? Our people fought and suffered not to be called that!


Shush you human peoples.

Tom Hardy is working! Finally. I mean the clip - the iPlayer is working again.


So, tried a few things on Amazon:

Ray Donovan - Can see why it got praised but everyone’s an asshole, why should I care?

The Following - Bacon’s as reliable as ever but a super-charismatic serial killer with plans running for years broke the spell badly, bit too gory too.

Crossing Lines - Liked this, plus has Donald Sutherland ever been crap in anything? Suspect not.


[quote=“BenObiwomble, post:4641, topic:5568”]
Ray Donovan - Can see why it got praised but everyone’s an asshole, why should I care?
[/quote]That was my biggest problem with the series too. Aside from Terry (Eddie Marsan), the entire cast of characters are selfish or spoiled or just plain nasty.


Just the new episode or in general?

An odd show - the actors get nominated for things and it’s kind of always there but I don’t know anyone that watches it. No-one ever talks about it.


I quit about halfway through the first season. The FBI were portrayed with a level of incompetence that made suspension of disbelief impossible.


Yeah I had some friends who worked on the show so I stuck with it for longer than I would have otherwise. It started out as a ratings behemoth but only got 3 seasons.


Yeah, the FBI were really, really dumb on that show. Shame too because it was a solid concept with a good cast.


Girls - the show just in general; my wife used to watch it and I had to walk out the room. I rate it up there with X factor and Brothers and Sisters for on the annoyance scale

Re Ray Donovan, it’s probably my wife and I’s favourite show that we watch together. The start of every new season is an event for us. Most of our friends watch it as well. I don’t often hear it discussed on Millarworld but I do with friends and family.

I don’t agree that everyone is an asshole in it at all. I love most of the characters in it. But I’m quite open to there being grey areas with people in general and I like to understand what makes people do the things they do.


In that respect, it’d probably work better yes.


For Limitless fans, Ike just appeared on Bull as another FBI agent.:blush:


Are you watching Bull?


Mr. Robot is turning out to be fairly good. I really like the actor playing the main character. Otherwise, this would be an insufferable protagonist.

On Netflix now, BEGINNERS is quite a good movie. As usual, the dog steals the show.


He’s very good. It’s not an easy thing to do to make a guy who is so introverted seem sympathetic and even charismatic.


Yes i am a fan of Michael Weatherly since Dark Angel


Chris Jackson (Chunk) is a friend of my wife. We’ve watched a few episodes and enjoyed the show but just haven’t kept up with it.


Chunk is a great character. A high end Stylist who is gay and a former All american football player


Taboo 1.6: Everything is tightening up nicely. The final two episodes should be insane and I am genuinely not sure how it is going to end.

Hat and Coat Report: Still the best. I was worried the hat would get muddy at a certain point but thankfully, that didn’t happen.