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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season



Now I just need to get a picture:


I do NOT have truckasaurus hands and I don’t get easily annoyed:



That’s better than a Cyril.


You have never struck me as a sweater vest person.

Ray is a snappy dresser like you.



Also, he’s part cyborg, so we have that in common.




Did I ever mention that I like cyborgs a lot?



I’m no Barry.


Part-cyborgs are my favourite. Which part?


Just the abs. Abs of steel.


It’s fucking unbearable



I watched Moonlight tonight.

I found the first 2 acts to be excellent only for it to lose it’s way a bit in the 3rd.

Still a good film but won’t be top of best film list from the nominees I’ve seen so far


Cyborgs are like holes. There are no half holes and no half cyborgs.



Don’t you humansplain to me.


How do you know I’m not also a cyborg?


You’d better be, because that’s our word.



Says the “cyborg” who thinks you can be part-cyborg.