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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


uhm, okay that makes it considerably more appealing… although, tbh, I’d probably just go for porn :smile:


It’s interesting to me that the most attractive (to me, Marnie) is the one who I feel is the least complex/dense-est and whose personality bores me. Definitely “basic”.


Very much looking forward to Girls’ return - it might be my favourite currently airing show so I’ll be quite sad to see it wrap up.


Episode 3 of Riverdale:

I’m in love with Veronica Lodge.


who isn’t? that girl is gorgeous…


I would totally bang Veronica Lodge.

EDIT: I mean… umm…

“I’m in love with Veronica Lodge”.


Watching Band of Brothers. 2.5 minute opening credits?!


I think Game of Thrones credits are about the same.


With that theme tune, I’d be happy if they were as long as five. Ten even! Hell, the whole show.


True. GOT’s theme is really interesting to listen to…and the cityscapes rising/falling are nifty.


They all used to be pretty long years back, it’s now only HBO and subscription channels that keep them going because they didn’t cut them to squeeze in an extra ad or two.


I was always “eh” on most of them…Some added to the show (Smallville, GOT come to mind). Some have cool music, but uninteresting graphics (Walking Dead, The Affair, I’m looking at you). I prefer the Breaking Bad method - a bar of music and a title card.

So glad Riverdale doesn’t have them. Although a Veronica Lodge slo-mo head turn could convince me…


The GoT does really well at showing the scope of the world, which I think people sometimes forget when they moan about how long it lasts.


Not only that, but it actually provides quite valuable geographic information in terms of giving you a sense of where certain places are and how they relate to each other - information that the show then doesn’t have to convey itself in quite so much detail. I found it very useful, especially in the early episodes.


The Expanse’s one, which is basically Game of Thrones’ but planets instead of a clockwork map, changes length from episode to episode. And in series 2, from region to region apparently.


Also, the animation changes each time so it shows you which locations are going to feature in the episode.


Yes, I remember reading an interview with the people behind it talking about how much more complex it got as more locations were added to the show, and how they had to make do with a limited (but still reasonable) number of animations.


I tried watching it for about five minutes and had to change the channel as all the characters were incredibly annoying.


I’ve never watched it.

I know what I’m watching later though - Woody the doggie:


That would be so much fun if he read it as James Delaney would, with the Hat and Coat.