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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


War on Everyone, which I just learned is directed by the guy that did Calvary.

It feels more like a Shane Black film though.


Jupiter? I don’t know, the ending didn’t stick out for me as terrible anymore than anything else about the plot… I supose it made sense to me that she went back to her old life for the moment, always assuming that that’s not where she’s staying in the long term.


Think about it this way, she’s discovered that she’s the Queen of the Universe and she has immense power at her command, certainly it’s a scary and dangerous position but she’s not without allies and resources and she’s also discovered that billions of people are regularly being murdered to turn them into a beauty treatment for the ruling class.

So what does she do? Does she:

(a) Use her power, resources and allies to fight that hideous system and save as many lives as she can?


(b) Go back to scrubbing other people’s shit off toilet bowls and flying around skyscrapers with her dog-man boyfriend?

Really TERRIBLE ending to the story.


It was an obvious setup for a sequel.


Heh. We’ll, if you put it like that…


Worth watching.


Just watched Loving, which I liked quite a lot. Jeff Nichols sure can make a movie, and the leads in this sure can act. This is the probably the best I’ve seen from Joel Edgerton.
It’s quite a slow, subdued film but that doesn’t mean it’s sullen. I feel like it’s going to be a movie I’ll mull over for some time.
No idea why it’s only just been released in the UK (I think the US had it in October) but I’m glad we got it in the end.

Now I have to give Midnight Special another go.


I do have an idea.

With Oscar/award bait films they have to release in the US before the year ends to qualify but they make most of their money based on the hype from the nominations (or at least the nominations they hope to get). So they release everywhere else afterwards.

They even scam the US a bit as a lot of them have very limited releases in major cities so they can make the qualification and then a broader one later.

That’s why in the ‘best of 2017’ or whatever year’s films I give a pass to Oscar bait because while IMDB will quote them as coming out the previous year most people won’t have seen them until the next one.


Yeah, for the UK they only have to release it before the weekend of the BAFTAs (this weekend) in order to be eligible. It means we get a lot of great movies in the first few weeks of the year, so I don’t mind that much.


Back from cinema just in time to watch second half of BAFTAs.


See anything good?


Lion :sob:


I have been hearing good things about it…I tried and failed to see Lego Batman earlier today.



With perfect timing I switched on the telly just in time for the BAFTA in memoriam montage.


Wahey! - La La Gosling clip



What? Some famous people died during the last 12 months? :wink:


Manchester by the Sea was fantastic.

Depressing as fuck but fantastic. My favourite of the best film nominees so far.

I see Casey Affleck won the best actor at the BAFTAs, I’ve not seen everything yet - but based on what I have watched, well deserved and I hope he gets an Oscar.


Manchester by the Sea is the next film I plan to see. Either that or La La Land. I am currently undecided.

Which one should I watch first?


Saw Moonlight tonight. It’s quietly brilliant.


I’ve not watched La La Land yet, so with complete bias I’m going to say Manchester by the Sea.

Dig out a comedy to watch straight after it though, it’s a bad one to go straight to bed on, as I’m discovering now.


Trainspotting 2 was good!
Have any of you guys watched it yet? I can imagine your (collective) take on it being very different to mine.